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Value, Worth, & Price: Do You Know the Difference? with Susie Ippolito

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2019

For years, I’ve struggled with how to value what I do.

Is what I offer valuable?

Ohhh, how I have grappled with “value” vs. “worth” vs. “pricing”.

Have you?

I find most women entrepreneurs answer yes - for varied reasons.

How do we create value? How do we know what we’re worth? How do we PRICE ourselves?

My relationship with all of this: It’s complicated.

I tapped a resource in my orbit to help me wrap my brain around it.

Meet Susie Ippolito, a woman who helps brands understand how they CREATE VALUE!

As a brand strategist & general entrepreneurial badass, Susie taught me that:

“Value provides direct functional, emotional, life changing, or socially impactful benefits to the user.”

She should know: she sold $10,000-15,000 worth of makeup and skincare every week, making her one of the top cosmetics sales people in New York City.

She always exceeded set goals - and used that information to negotiate her salary.

The numbers did most of the work for her.

“If you wanted me on your team making those numbers, you had to pay my rate - which was far above the norm. When your value is based in dollars, it’s easier to prove.”

But when you’re going into business for yourself? Thaaaaat gets a LOT STICKIER!!

Susie told me, “When I went into business for myself, I had to learn how to calculate my value based on my own skills and my own time. In the beginning, I struggled with how to value my time plus my skills.”

Who among us hasn’t felt THAT?

Susie began her entrepreneurial journey as a copywriter - where there’s a price-per-word industry standard. But she knew her ability to write was a commodity because it’s a rare skill nowadays.

She said, “I also knew that the market I was after included celebrity hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, stylists, etc., who were phenomenally talented but lacked the ability to articulate their craft in a way that could sell them.

So I added a premium to that price-per-word to account for my knowledge, and I grew from there.”


Susie clarified important things I want to share.

  1. How do we find our value?

A brand cannot become a successful business without a clear understanding of its value propositions, revenue streams, & cost structures. Susie taught me how in our chat: Watch the video above to learn how!

  1. What’s the difference between value vs. worth vs. pricing?


Value refers to the benefit of what you’re selling. How does it make someone’s life better?

Worth is personal. Worth refers to the payoff of a product or service.

Pricing is a whole other category.

Susie breaks it all down in our conversation. Listen here in the podcast .

  1. My favorite gem from her? Stop “feeling bad” for people. That does not pay your bills. 

Can Susie’s workshops help you strategize your brand & create more value? Go follow her on Instagram & Facebook!

Where’s one area you already KNOW your value? And where do you want to make your VALUE clearer?


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