The Backstage Brilliance Marketing Toolkit


A mini-training with 21 simple 'tweak & repeat' content prompts + realistic marketing strategies for those who prefer to stay OUT of the spotlight!


Call it Stealthy Marketing or Quiet Influence…

Either way, attract perfect-for-you clients without that self-promotey, overly visible, 👋 Here I Am! 👋 feeling

Access the Toolkit prompts & trainings for $27

It's not that you want to hide. You simply want to be known without being the focal point of your content!


That's why Backstage Brilliance is designed to:

◾ take the focus off YOU in your marketing
◾ create real impact & value for your audience
◾ establish credibility & authority to set you apart your space
◾ encourage engagement & conversations
◾ eventually shift your audience into clients
Access the Toolkit prompts & trainings for $27
Stand Out with Story Telling - Jen Liddy

You get:

⚪ 21 tweak & repeat prompts to create & publish content on your fave platforms (Not just socials)!

⚪ A Google doc workbook so you can get to the doing already!

⚪ Private podcast feed, subtitled videos, & transcript trainings to teach you step-by-step how to use an Audience-First marketing approach

⚪ Bonus mini-trainings to help you repurpose, use calls to action, & wring more from every prompt so it works for your voice, personality, POV, & area of specialty

A fun, unexpected result: you'll learn how to tweak alllllll those marketing resources you own and now make 'em work for you!

Stand Out with Storytelling Jen Liddy


Hey, I'm Jen Liddy 👋


As a Brand Message & Content Strategist, I work with service providers who've got a ton of experience, expertise, & knowledge...

They love what they do, but they sure as hell don't love how spotlight-y marketing feels!

Since I'm a word nerd & find playing around with copy, content, & messaging FUN...

I figured out how to make content marketing work for people who are REALLY freakin' good at what they do -

Without feeling like the center of attention.

YES! It's possible.

My particular magic is in simplifying & ease-ifying overly-complicated ideas so you can BREATHE & just DO your thing out in the world!

Access the Toolkit prompts & trainings for $27