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The Backstage Brilliance Marketing Toolkit for Audience-Centric Marketing

If you don’t enjoy being in the spotlight, is it still possible to make your marketing work?


Attract perfect-for-you clients with content that avoids self-promote-y, overly visible, 👋 Here I Am! 👋 vibes.


The Backstage Brilliance Toolkit shows you with 21 ‘tweak & repeat’ content prompts + realistic marketing strategies that…

◾ Create audience impact & value while keeping the focus OFF you

◾ Establish credibility & connection with your audience

◾ Engage & shift them into clients

A Sweet Side-Effect: Learn how to adapt those marketing tools you already own & make ‘em work for you!

This is a simple content marketing approach for service providers who prefer to stay out of the spotlight in their marketing.

The power of Audience-Centric Marketing will engage your audience & shift them into clients, without you feeling salesy or like you're center stage!

The mini-trainings inside this Toolkit show you how to:

  • End that self-promote-y & uncomfortable feeling when you're marketing
  • Stop waiting to “learn to love” the spotlight to market your services
  • Provide tons of valuable content to your audience, without giving away all the how-tos, tips, & tricks
  • Leverage your knowledge, share your insights, and harness your expertise  
  • Strategically use content to grow your business & achieve goals, instead of doing it to simply cross it off your list

BONUS: You’ll also learn how to:

  • Get more mileage from every prompts
  • Effective use Calls to Action
  • Repurpose your content across platforms

The Backstage Brilliance Marketing Toolkit includes:

  • A step-by-step Google doc workbook you can start creating in right away!
  • Clear explanations & how-tos
  • 21 Content Prompts: infinite content that fits your expertise, style, voice, & audience needs
  • Private Hello Audio podcast feed for ease of use & on-the-go learning
  • Recorded video option with slides & subtitles
  • Easy-to-read transcripts included