How to Say It So They Get It

A 1:1 Strategic Work Session


Learn what to say right to your audience so they know exactly why they need what you've got

Get clarity in your messaging so you can...

1️⃣ Speak about what you do in a rolls-off-the-tongue way. Finally answer, So! What do YOU do? with ease. 

2️⃣ Be seen & heard by your Exact-Right Audience (G'bye tire kickers & wrong-fitters)

3️⃣ Set yourself apart & be known as the go-to in your industry - even if you don't wanna be famous!

Confidently talk about your work so people go, "Jeez! Where you been all my life? I need exactly what you've got!"
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Do people get what you offer?

Understand what you do? 🤔

🌳 It's tough to easily convey your work in clear, regular-people words. Being so 'in it' creates a classic forest & trees situation.
🦄 Communicating your particular magic in a way that differentiates you has been a pain in the neck for too long. Ouch.
🎯 You get clients great results, but distilling your essence into a tight nugget people 'get'? Ugggg. Your 5-minute explanations never do it justice.

These Sessions will help you...

⚪️ Translate your expertise & easily speak about your offers


⚪️ Attract exact-right clients rather tryin' to help everyone with everything


⚪️ Know exactly what TO say...and what NOT to say!


⚪️ Use your personality & expertise without feeling vulnerable, bullshitty, or self-promotey


*I don't hold anything back in these sessions. As we're working, you're learning the how-tos.
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How can a Say It So They Get It Session change things?


Walk away from these calls confidently able to...

  • Position yourself as the go-to person in your industry
  • Improve sales with "I get you from here to there" promise statements
  • Succinctly introduce yourself at events, conferences, & chance encounters
  • Write compelling bios, profiles, & pitches for podcast guesting & speaking engagements
  • Proudly send potential Exact-Right clients to your website
  • Execute on content with focus & excitement because it's clicking
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How the whole thing works:

*First, up - decide what you want to work on with me. Bring a specific piece you want to clarify for messaging. Or we can talk about your brand message, program promise, or bio/profile in general


❶ You hit the button below, choose your time, & complete the intake form.
❷ I review your form & get prepared to laser in on the thing you wanna work on together.
❸ We meet on Zoom & get to work so you walk away feeling clear & excited to talk about your stuff...
'Cuz now people will actually GET IT!
Ahhhh, the relief!
Plus! You get any notes I take, a session summary, + transcription with every gem that came outta your mouth!
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That'd be me: Jen Liddy 👋

As a Brand Message & Content Strategist, my specialty is pulling your brilliance out & translating it into messaging & content copy your audience connects with.

As a former English teacher & professor, I deeply value the power of information.

BUT! You've already got TONS of information...

What you need now is FACILITATION: someone to personally walk you through it & show you how to make everything work - simply & easily.

These live 1:1 Strategy Sessions are designed to process your thoughts, harness your ideas & magic, move you towards crystal clarity!

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“I've seen Jen run a group workshop & also had the luxury of working with her 1:1.

She can pull out and polish a key idea that's buried in your work, in seconds. I've seen her do it over and over again. Jen's a word wizard.

What I love most is how Jen can take what you've already created and reinvent it in so many useful ways, to save you tons of time and get waaay more eyes on your hard work.

Jen can take something ho-hum and give it a jump-off-the-page hook!

- Kelly Clark, The 10 Principles - Unlock Your Happy Weight!

"Jen is generous with sharing the nitty gritty of how to get the things done that drive you crazy. No one tells you how to do them, they just say, "Do this".


When I don't know how to "Do that" I feel like a failure in my business.


But I can ask Jen ANYTHING & I never feel stupid while asking her. She's like a library of information I can tap into & get the help I need".

- Shauna of the Star, Energy Alchemist, & Psychic Reader

"My content was all over the place. I didn’t know how to get my expertise out of my brain and into the world! 

Jen's methods give me guidance to stay focused & organized. 

My content has a purpose now!

Every time I use it I realize how much I have to offer in terms of content."

- Cady Henry, Cadysitting

You've got Q's!

Here are answers...

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