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Jul 21, 2021
"I'm afraid I'm gonna run out of things to say" -
This is something I hear a LOT when people tell me they're afraid to show up consistently -
I promise you: you will NEVER run out of anything to say -
Consistent Content is the 2nd step inside the Audience First Framework - making content creation EASIER.
And here's one of my FAVORITE ways to get content ideas - without staring at a blank page EVER.

One of the biggest issues I hear with people who are avoiding creating content regularly is they're...

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Make Content Creation Sustainable

Jul 18, 2021

My legs quivered & my brain screamed, You’re not gonna make it through! GIVE UP NOW.

The barre instructor said, “If you need something else, do what YOUR BODY needs.”

She couldn’t see because I faced the wall in a plié, but tears of relief from her permission literally sprang to my eyes.

Ugggg I’m WOEFULLY Out. Of. Shape. 

I’m the perfect example of what NOT to do as a business owner: overwork & prioritize everything except health & wellness.

At 51, my body isn’t bouncing back quickly - it SUCKETY SUCK SUCKS getting back into...

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Just Tell Me What To Do Already!

Jul 14, 2021

Is there a SECRET to content that does NOT look like EVERYONE ELSE’s content?

In fact - it SHOULDN’T look like everyone else's -

Maybe part of you wishes I’d give you a formula -


But you’d be SO bored with that! So would your audience.

How do you make your stuff YOUR STUFF?

Without sounding like every other guru there?

Or without overexposing yourself? It’s 100% possible.

Let’s talk about what that looks like.

You know, so many people tell me.

"I just wish somebody would tell me what to say in my...

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The HOWs are killing your content

Jul 12, 2021

You’ve looked at hundreds of sales pages online -  

The long-form scrolllllly ones & short-form zippy ones…

You can spot one a mile away - clean design, call to actions, CLICK HERE & buy now!

But they’re complex & intimidating to write. 

Whaddya do if you have to write one?

Google that shit. In .056 seconds, you get more than 6 BILLION hits on 


Same for HOW to fix a dryer. HOW to start a garden. 

We are not wanting for HOW TO content in 2021! 

Thankyouverymuch Google & Pinterest & YouTube &...

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How To Stop Doing It Wrong & Wasting Time

Jul 07, 2021

Maybe you can relate to this problem.

Last week, I had a client say to me, I have been talking to the wrong people, and I've been wasting my content on people who... I'm speaking to the wrong people.

And another client told me, the people that like my stuff, they like it, but they're never going to buy from me.

So I'm clearly talking to the wrong people.

And then somebody else told me today, I just can't even get an email list going.

Nobody is really resonating with what I'm saying.

And so all of these people felt really frustrated because they're like, I've been putting content out and...

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More Secrets of EFFECTIVE Content Creation

Jun 30, 2021
Think about how tired YOU are…from all the things - zoom, holidays, overwhelm, boredom…
Now think about your audience. Your audience is TIRED too - which means they’re likely unfocused.
What should we do for our audience when they're tired...
Today I'm outlining my EASY PEASY lemon 🍋 system to help you help with all this fatigue - on both sides!


So the thing is, your audience is tired.

I want you to think of how many Zoom calls your audience has been on, how much scrolling, how much news...

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Grow your email list with QUIZZES - learn to utilize an accessible resource to expand your audience with Linda Sidhu

Jun 28, 2021

We are talking today all about QUIZZES -

I know that YOU know that growing an email list is so important.

Your list is your asset and is a fantastic tool for growing your audience, so the big question is - how the hell do you grow it!?

Meet Linda Sidhu, the quiz GENIUS ! She’s here to teach you all about expanding your list using quizzes.

With strategic quizzes, you can learn more about your audience and better understand just how you can serve their needs!

You won’t want to miss out on this fun conversation and learn all about this easy resource to expand your audience.


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Can we stop talking about pain points now?

Jun 27, 2021

“But I haaaaate pointing out their pain points!”, she said. 

She was struggling to convert new clients into her business, and kept writing content that never got any traction.

She didn’t like my suggestion to help her audience see themselves by pointing out their struggle with clarity!

I know that hammering our audience with THIS IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU language feels shitty for us as content creators. 

So, how do we create effective content without being too FLUFFY or coming down with Thor’s hammer?

Consider: humans generally don’t change...

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What we can learn about content marketing from The Office

Jun 21, 2021

What do people working in an office wear to work?

Given 16+ months working from home, maybe this’ll take some mental jostling, but - 

I feel like we could assume ourselves into an answer & conjure up visuals and details, right?

But what if the success of your JOB hinged on you getting the answer to this question EXACTLY RIGHT?!

This is what Carey Bennett faced as the costume designer for NBC’s The Office - 

I heard her tell this story on the Office Ladies podcast - with such high stakes, she couldn’t guess her way into knowing how real workers at a paper...

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How I learned to like how I look in pictures

Jun 13, 2021

The details are fuzzy - but as I waited in a NYC airport to hop on my teensy plane back to Syracuse - 

a woman named Amy from Iowa approached me with, “Are you Jen Liddy?”

Maybe you’re a famous person or an influencer used to people recognizing you via your content…

But THIS had never happened to me!

I finally understood the power of pictures.

It’s been kind of painful to let myself be visible - because I’m not perfect, famous, or a model.

I’d spend years hiding in plain sight in my content - even though I felt ok putting my message out there...

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