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She smashed Imposter Syndrome & created her own path

Finance is still a male-dominated field, and Lynn Bowser felt like she didn't belong.

When she learned how to carve her own path, she stopped hiding & achieved success - getting a promotion she thought was 5 years off!

Lynn shares the tactics that helped her feel confident - the advice she wants other women on their way up to know!


She tripled her income & grew her blog into a real business

You have a big job. Then you have kids. You decide to stay home with ‘em.

Then what? What if you want a little more than that?

ARE you allowed to have that? And if so, how do you go about it?

For Jackie Terribile,
The Small Town Stylist, it was taking a leap fueled by her love of fashion to start a business!

Learn how this stay-at-home-mom balances running a family & a business - with strong boundaries so she can stay in alignment with her core values!


She went from disorganized & lacking confidence to launching her program & growing her business!

Ever had so much goin' on in your head that you FILLED notebooks with ideas?

How do you take all your ideas & organize them INTO something?

For Tina Stinson, owner of Healthy Balanced Living, the key was finding the RIGHT person to help - someone who understood her & what she wanted.

She created the coaching program of her dreams, & learned skills to grow her business into the future.

Learn how this single mom became more organized & activated on her dream with focus & clarity!


She dreamed of being a writer and set lots of goals. But she had no idea how to move forward on them!

Tara worked a job. And a 2nd job. She assumed for the rest of her life she'd  be a paycheck-to-paycheck kinda girl.

She learned 4 key strategies to help herself take action. Along the way, she found her audience & learned to love the way her brain works.

Learn how Tara Slater started to see what's in front of her, rather than focusing on what was behind her.


How a Full-Time Mom FOUND TIME to Grow Her Business & Made Money Doing It

When a 9-year-old has a business idea, you listen up. But do you take them seriously?

Jenny Murphy’s daughter told her, “Someone should invent something to help people take better selfies…”

And Jenny became enough to jump jumped in & research how to bring the idea to life.

The problem?

“Jumping in” when you’re running a home, a classroom, and also in the middle of adopting another child doesn’t look or FEEL like "JUMPING”!

Learn more on how Jenny made the leap to start her own business with her daughter. 


Can You Take Care Of Your Family AND Reach Your Goals? 

Christine had a dream to launch a podcast - BUT she was on the cusp of several HUGE life changes.

A classic Over-Giver, Christine usually would've taken care of everyone else's needs & waited to grab her goals...

Instead, she started before she was ready & made her dream a reality!



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