You're ready for Private Coaching when...

You want to GROW your business..

With more freedom AND money -

But you're not sure HOW!

That’s why people hire me.

I help you go from your big vision to daily activation - we take your ideas & make 'em real.

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Does this sound like you?

You own a business & want it to grow.

Maybe you're a little overwhelmed by how to get there.

Perhaps your business is starting to suck the life out of your life.

🤷‍♀️ You don't know where the time in your day goes...

🤪 You feel a little disorganized & scattered.

🤔 You've got TONS of great ideas but aren't sure how to make them REAL.

What would it feel like to wake up every day and...

  • Know the right tasks to focus on?
  • Stop feeling like you have to do ALL the things?
  • Have freedom AND build your business?

⬆️ These are the results my clients get. They go from IDEAS to IMPLEMENTATION - without overwhelm or confusion!

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I'm Jen Liddy

Mom • Teacher • Wife • Business Owner • Business Development Coach

Through my years in each of these roles, I've learned the exact tools & strategies to make the most of my time, grow my business, and get “unstuck” in my work.

I now use these same tools to help my clients as they continue to develop their businesses - and have a LIFE!

I can help you take control of your business.

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It's not your fault - I'd bet you haven't taken these steps yet because...

  • Life gets lifey - and distraction settles in
  • It's tough to be productive when you feel scattered, frazzled, & unfocused

  • Resistance always show up & you’re unsure how to deal with it

  • How can you create a replicable system when - well - there's just SO MUCH to DO!

  • Honestly? It’s just not the fun part
 of building a business
  • It’s hard to choose WHICH things to activate on

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Private Coaching is for you if...

  • You want to know what to do FIRST, then what to do NEXT to make business & life easier!
  • You're ready to create more time in your days.
  • You want a highly personalized, customized experience  - not just online courses or resources.
  • You're ready to invest the time & energy it takes to make your goal a reality
  • You thrive in an environment that provides external accountability
  • You find feedback, support, & insight helpful in taking action
  • You are coachable: ready to do the work of looking at your patterns & overcoming them

Frequently Asked Questions

Your application helps me understand where you are now & where you want to go. It allows me to be fully prepared for your call & wring the most out of our time together!

This is exactly what we'll discover in our Strategy Session!

When I learn where you're struggling  now and where you want to go, I'll be able to help you discern which program is best for you.

Knowing whether to invest in coaching is a big decision.

Wondering who's the right coach - or whether this is the right program - keeps a lot of women from ever starting!

I understand you want to make sure this program is right for you. That's why we chat.

Bring your questions & let's talk!
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