About Jen

There's no linear path to building a business.

I learned that lesson the hard way: with self-judgment, Imposter Syndrome, overwork, & anxiety.

You can avoid all my mistakes!

I was a teacher who made the leap to entrepreneur.

In my first business, I had a lot to learn.

I made all the mistakes.

Second-guessed everything.

Focused on the wrong things.

Didn't believe in myself...or that things could be different.

I was standing in my own way.

Are you doing that too?

Here’s the truth: reaching your goal doesn't have to make you feel guilty, frazzled, or overwhelmed.

I figured out how to focus & prioritize. My specialty is teaching creative women like you to do the same!

Grab your free Breakthrough Session & clarify your goals, understand where you're stuck, & know how to prioritize next steps.

Imagine feeling clear & knowing where to head next. 

Are you ready to achieve your goal?
Are you ready to prioritize & organize your business?

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I love helping busy business owners get focused & organized. I'll teach you to confidently make decisions & achieve your goals.

This free strategic call focuses on clarity to make it easier to prioritize next steps. 

You're why I developed my group coaching program, The Idea Space, & my Signature Private Coaching Programs. Use them to launch or boost your business!

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What are coaching sessions like?

Coaching sessions are conversational. I ask lots of questions and encourage you to answer honestly. I listen to what’s inside your answers without judging you or telling you what to do. Every session is focused on your needs: there’s a reason you hired me: together we will uncover what you want, what’s in your way, and how to get there.

How will I actually achieve my goals?

Collaboration & hard work. Together, we develop a plan to activate your goal. We’ll uncover beliefs & actions that limit you. You’ll learn tools to overcome those. Every session ends with action items to implement designed to propel you toward your desired outcome. If something isn’t working, we examine what’s going on there.

What’s your coaching philosophy?

You know yourself better than anyone else, but sometimes there's a blind spot keeping you from getting what you want. Your mind may be on auto-pilot. My approach is to help you see what you want and what’s in your way. You do the work to get there with my facilitation. That’s why it’s a conversation: I’m not a therapist, nor an assistant. Together we uncover what’s been stopping you, and you must do the implementation to activate your vision & achieve the goal.

What’s your education?

I have a Master’s Degree in Education, a Post-Master’s Certification in Adult Learning, and an On-Course Certification in personal development. In my 15 years of teaching students at the secondary & post-secondary levels in English & personal development, I’ve acquired an inquiry-based approach to helping someone achieve their goals.

I combine my experience running a quarter-million per-year business with my training in personal development to create a useful combination to help my clients achieve the goals they set out to achieve!


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