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Put away the marketing cookie cutter.

Stop trying all the things  - on all the platforms!

Let's UN-complicate your content, create a realistic plan, & reveal your personalized approach - without any "more! more! more!" shenanigans.

Start streamlining your content NOW by grabbing the free Customized Content Creation Planner to get your ideas out of your head & into the world without confusion or exhaustion!

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Creating content for your marketing doesn't have to be as hard as it's felt...

Throw off your invisibility cloak & let's get your content SEEN with tailor-made approaches that do the heavy lifting for you.
Psst - I ONLY work with small businesses & personal brands interested in doing this in a realistic, sustainable way...
You up for that? Read on!

My programs help you simplify content creation & learn to write more easily, so you can...


1.  Know what to say (& how to say it) to connect with your exact-right audience & eventually convert them to clients & customers. 

2. Use strategies & tactics that are effective AND right for you - no more doing BS that feels out of alignment!

3. Feel confident & organized - so you can write better & publish content using personalized, right-for-you systems, plans, & tools...

in a voice & style that sounds & feels like you.

If you're ready to get out of content creation hell & marketing overwhelm...

there are 3 ways to work with me, depending on where YOU are!

Foundations Stage

Marketing exhausts or confuses you. You're tired of chasing clients & want to quiet the noise but aren't ready to invest in support. No problem! Start with Attract the Right Client - a free On-Demand training that outlines 3 steps to implement right now!

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Growth Stage 

There's a lot to figure out with this marketing, messaging & content stuff. You're ready to take action - and that's why the  Content Creator's Studio was built. It's a great way to get out of content swirl with weekly drop-in support, easy-to-implement trainings, & a supportive community.

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Scaling Stage

Your goal? Get it done. Save time. You want 1:1 support. What does that look like? Apply for a free Consultation: We'll discuss where you are & what you want. If i can help, I'll suggest your best options to streamline so you can grow with space to BREATHE.

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Hi, I'm Jen Liddy

I work with small businesses and personal brand entrepreneurs tired & worn down by marketing frustration & content overwhelm.

We take your swirling ideas - no matter how "fuzzy", "big" or "unclear" you've been told they are - and give you clarity & focus - so you can...

  • stop feeling scattered & depleted, because you've been doing ALL THE THINGS - but nothing's worked

  • create content & messaging that attracts your ideal audience - instead of tire kickers who waste your time

  • TAKE FOCUSED ACTION with a plan - because...seriously - aren't you sick of spinning around?

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