Business coaching for women who want to grow their business, make more money, AND have a life.

Calm the Chaos & Grow Your Business

Coaching to help you implement your creative ideas, attract the RIGHT clients, & take your business to the next level
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Does your inspired brain distract you from focusing?

Are you spending too much time feeling frenetic & spent?

You're probably exhausted. Frustrated. But it doesn't have to be like that anymore. 

You're ready to take action...

🌱 Grow your business in a way that feels easier

πŸ“£ Create messaging your audience actually HEARS

πŸ™Œ Build realistic systems to stop feeling scattered

πŸ’° Level up - get the time & money freedom you crave

Hi, I'm Jen Liddy - Business Development Coach!

I teach you how to implement your nonstop ideas so you can ...

Which stage of business growth describes YOU?

Foundations Stage

Your dream is BIG. You're excited, nervous, eager, & unsure. Welcome to the club! Coaching provides you a mentor & a roadmap to move you ahead faster, without confusion.

Clarity Stage

You're tired of doing ALL the things! You crave time and wanna make money. HELL yes! Coaching helps you prioritize & take focused action to attract clients.

Growth Stage

You're successful - aaaaaand know your biz could be doing more for you. Need systems? Client flow? Next level growth? Coaching teaches you how to streamline, grow, and BREATHE.

Ready to squash the overwhelm? Here's what to do:

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Imagine making your "what ifs" a reality

πŸ’‘ Bring your visionary ideas to life

βœ…  Know what to focus on every day

🧲 Magnetize clients with your messaging

πŸ’₯ Love your business - and have a LIFE

"Jen doesn't use a formula -- she helps you design a business the way YOU want by listening to your unique needs & desires, then confidently guides you through the process."

~Teddey Hicks, Food & Body Love Coach


""Before I started working with Jen, I felt uncertain about how to best articulate my services - and distinguish myself in the market. Jen helped me sort through all my thoughts & ideas to really get clear about how to reach my target clients.

Jen’s the perfect coach for someone who wants get focused on their business & really get work done. She's a natural at getting ideas & words out of your head & into practice. I recommend her to anyone who's even considering marketing assistance or business coaching."

Katie Centolella, Esq.
Business Attorney

Proud member of Team Syracuse - a coalition of local businesses supporting each other!


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