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Content that shifts your audience into exact-right clients...


...without spotlighty, self-promote-y, 'jazz hands' marketing

Put away the cookie cutter & position your expertise with customized content that works to grow your business.
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Elevate your copy, messaging, & content to shift your Exact-Right Audience into ideal clients!

Personalized + sustainable methods help you create marketing content that works for you and your business...

So you can stop trying all the things  - on all the platforms.

Put away your marketing cookie cutter! It's time for customized, strategic content - done simply & easily!
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Jen's magic is distilling down the high level concepts in my head into everyday impactful language that connects with my audience.
- Kate Vanden Bos, Coach & Creator of The Growth Cycle

When it comes to marketing your services, do you secretly think…

  • “I’m sooooo freakin' tired of convincing people I can help them.  What do I need to say so they get it– without being self-promote-y?"


  • “Listen. I’ve got a lot of letters after my name and a metric TON of experience. Why do I have to keep 'performing' to get my audience to pay attention?"


  • “I’d rather go back & get a job if the rest of my life is gonna be hours & hours spent creating content that doesn’t even work!”


  •  “I have so much gold to share with my audience– and I know they need it. But trying to keep up is like a dreadmill to nowhere. Marketing's killing me."

    It simply does NOT have to be this hard.


    With personalized support, you'll know exactly what you need to say–  and how to say it. 


    Let's make your content do more for you with wayyyyhayhay less effort.

Three ways you can get my help with your marketing, messaging, & content:

1: Customized Content Audit

Get helpful feedback your content, without having to get on a live call. I review your piece, record my suggestions, and advice, and offer ideas to tweak & optimize it. Then send it to your inbox!

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2. 1:1 Strategy Sessions

A one-off Working Call to laser in & get you results on that thing driving you bonkers with your messaging, content, & marketing.

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3: Done-With-You Customized Consulting

An exploratory call to discuss your needs, if I'm the right fit to help, & a tailor-made plan to work together.

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Hi, I'm Jen Liddy, word nerd. 🤓

Alright. I'm actually a Brand Message & Content Strategist. 
What's that mean in real-people words?
If you're a service provider, coach, or small business owner, you can use my particular magic to...
⚪️ Set yourself apart without feeling like you're performing on center stage


⚪️ Share your expertise without giving away all your IP in your marketing


⚪️ Be known & grow your dang business- without needing to be an internet famous guru-fluencer

You can learn more about my approach in these awesome places...



To be a lil' formal about it, "I help you customize your messaging & content, so you can..."


1.  Connect with your audience– no self-promote-y, salesy, bullshitty marketing needed.


2. Attract exact-right clients & repel tire kickers - to grow a thriving business


3. Stop throwing content out there, exhausting yourself & wondering, "Arghghggh!! Why isn't this working?"

How can great content impact your life & business? Let these great clients tell you how it helped them...

Jennifer Sherwood, Life Coach

Teddey Hicks, Food & Body Love Coach