Success Story: Catherine Avery

Catherine...left Corporate America.

...recovered mentally & physically from breast cancer.

...launched an office design company. 

...became a productivity consultant.

Next up? Clarity on how to best serve clients & create a business that works for her life!

Read how Catherine found her VOICE & possesses a confidence to attract the right clients & grow her business!


The challenge:

Catherine knew what she wanted - and had the drive & experience to make it successful. She struggled with how to connect with her audience.

First: we got get clear on who she helps.

She then crafted an offer perfect for her audience!

Finally? We put the marketing strategy in place to sell it.

At the beginning, she felt like writing marketing took forever!

Once she got the hang of it, she was inspired to share her story & represent herself using her authentic voice.

Now, Catherine shares her brilliance through her podcast, email list, & social media - with ease!

She's a productivity EXPERT, and she generously shares many tips below.

Ready To Be A Success Story? Let's Create Your Plan

Reduce overwhelm to become productive

Recovering from breast cancer made Catherine feel out of control, creating anxiety about the future of her business.

It also generated tremendous empathy for those who struggle with overwhelm throughout their lives.

Catherine knows there are thousands of reasons why people end up in circumstances that cause life to feel uneven & chaotic.

So she married her empathy & vast personal & professional experience to  help men & women bring clarity & energy to their workplace & home office so they can clear the chaos - and become highly productive!

Creating Success From Clutter

Clutter can be a sign of a creative mind and...many business owners lose clients because of the impression a disorganized office leaves on potential clients.

Catherine helps small business owners get it together!

She teaches them to set up their space for productivity, improving the well-being of owners & employees.

From ergonomic chairs to filing systems that work, Catherine looks at businesses as a whole to improve efficiency and environment.

She’s able to shift the energy of an office to create environments that help businesses stop losing time & money!

Systems that work for you, not against you

Catherine learned & shares the acronym: 

  • Saving
  • You
  • Space 
  • Time 
  • Energy 
  • Money 

Her systems do this for businesses & people every day.

She creates time for her clients with simple reorganization of resources.

In her own business, this has been vital to creating the life that she desires & deserves.

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โ€œYou can make it happen & donโ€™t have to struggle. It can be done with more ease - you just need certain systems in your life.โ€

Catherine knows that honoring yourself & your body's needs is VITAL. 

She's learned how to give herself grace to rest when needed.

...To create procedures in her home & business that allow flexibility to take care of herself & her family.

...And it taught her how to learn to just have fun in her business and enjoy her life!

This work-life integration is something most business owners desire when they embark on the journey of working for themselves.

If you're struggling with chaos & clutter in your life & business, reach out to Catherine!



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