Success Story: Christine Krahling

Christine had a dream to launch a podcast - BUT she was on the cusp of several HUGE life changes.

A classic Over-Giver, Christine usually would've taken care of everyone else's needs & waited to grab her goals...

Instead, she started before she was ready & made her dream a reality!


At first, she had so much guilt. So many habits of over-giving to deal with!

But she had DECIDED to move forward, so she took baby steps every single week to make her goal a reality!

She found if she just took one step, how to do the next step just showed up...and BOOM! She launched her podcast!

How'd she make time to take each baby step?

She surrounded herself with supportive women who were also focused on moving forward. She hired a coach to keep her on track. She also made time for herself every week!

AND! She carved time in her calendar to make work a priority - which sometimes required boundaries that her family wasn’t used to.

The good news? There was NO drama about this! She implemented tools which made this MUCH easier than Christine had ever thought possible.

Best of all? Her family was stronger, supportive, & excited to see her to reach her goals!

“If I do this now, I’ll have freedom later”.

You can get there if you chip off a bit at a time - and use these tools!

  • Start now. It’s okay if you’re not ready.
  • Don’t get ahead of yourself & ask, ‘Okay, what’s after THAT?’.
  • Keep a file of  accomplishments so you can be impressed
  • Keep a file of dreams so your brain can relax &  find them later.
Listen to Christine's Podcast!

How does she keep  momentum going?

“I make time to play” - which is planning.

“I leave white space for things that come up” - another way of planning for flexibility.

When you plan for play or just open space, you’re actually more productive.

The good news? This doesn’t have to be EPIC.

So, maybe you leave one hour - or even 30 minutes - aside for “free time”.

Maybe carve out 2 hours to plow through  work, instead of insisting that it all gets done at one sitting.

Also, you don’t need to be highly regimented to get shit done. Carve in time for caring for yourself, others, and play!

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