Success Story: Jackie Terribile,
The Small-Town Stylist

Jackie took her love of fashion and went from blog...

to business.

Tripling her income, she focuses on balancing work & family.

How'd she do it? Find out here!


Can a stay-at-home mom become a successful entrepreneur & still have a life?

Imagine a young woman working in the fast-paced world of Manhattan advertising & marketing. She moves into the world of fashion, styling rock stars and celebrities.

It’s glamourous. Exciting. Fast-paced. Perfect for a 20-something.

Then she relocates to Upstate New York & starts a family.

Whoa.  WHOA.

How does a glamorous stylist find happiness in small town?

Well, by staying aware of herself.

Jackie Terribile missed the excitement of her old life, talking about fashion & style.

Missed the control of being in charge of her own ideas & her time.

So, it’s not surprising that Jackie started her own business. She wanted something creatively fulfilling - that ALSO gave her time to be with her family & money to contribute to the household.

How’d she do it? Well, it started as a hobby. A blog.

Fast forward a few years. It turns out people will pay to get help with their style!

Jackie owns The Small-Town Stylist, her business as Wardrobe Consultant & Stylist, working with personal, business, & commercial clients…

Making money & doing it on her own damn terms.

Her gift for Personal Styling helps women reveal the image they want to convey to the world.

Jackie helps people be more of who they already are, showing who they are on the inside to the outside world.

Seemingly overnight it looked like Jackie had a highly polished business.

How do you go from being a stay-at-home-mom to having a business? IS this possible - and does it happen overnight?

YES - it’s possible.

NO - it doesn’t happen overnight.


First, Jackie built a professional brand, slowly & intentionally. Logo. Website. Blog content.

Second, smartest move? JUST STARTING> She wanted to help, so she wrote the dang blog.

Third, Jackie’s family came first. She decided this would be part-time, so that boundary was strongly in place.

Over & over, Jackie JUST DECIDED.


Took a hobby & morphed it into something that makes money.

Slowly, the journey took hold. People noticed her blog, came to know her, then asked if they could hire her.

Jackie’s was not perfect, no matter how it looks on the outside!

Jackie struggled with wanting everything to be professional and beautiful and perfect.

That inner chatter could’ve kept her from starting, but she kept going.

She realized if she needed it to be perfect, she was going to FAIL.

The failure wouldn’t be in the thing not being perfect.

The failure would be in NOT doing the thing at all.

Jumping in & taking action - even though it was hard - taught her how to balance having clients with having a family.

All of this is worth it because her work is important to her; it makes Jackie more JACKIE!

If you’re thinking about taking the leap: start!

Jackie wishes she’d started sooner - telling herself to just GO FOR IT! She remembers this whenever she wants to make a change or expand her business.

If you have a dream, a talent, a desire, a wish, there’s a reason it was placed in your brain.

Grow your business. Have what you want!

But take Jackie’s advice: Don’t do this alone.

The time & energy to do everything by yourself takes you away from the things you LOVE doing.

Surround yourself with a team that you trust.

Make the decision & go for it.

Stop trying for perfection.

Just. Get. Started.

Building a business or new look for yourself is all just an experiment.

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