Success Story: Lynn Bowser,
Financial Advisor

Lynn Bowser struggled with Imposter Syndrome, affecting her confidence at work.

How'd she overcome it & get the promotion of her dreams? Find out below!

WATCH how she did it!

The finance world is still male-dominated, and that brought on harmful thoughts which plagued Lynn, causing her to hide from her business.

Why would anyone want to work with me? I’m not as capable!

I’m a mom. I’ve been out of the work force for years. I don’t know as much as these guys.

The story that she had these "issues" became excuses & paralyzed her! Instead of asking for an introduction, she’d make excuses & not even ASK.

"I’d have a big story about how if I asked, it wouldn’t happen anyway. So I may as well not even ask.”

The thought “I won’t get it anyway, so why bother?” dominated her mind & caused her to hide.

As a woman learning how to navigate her own path in a male-dominated field, Lynn felt alone.

“The language felt weird to me - too male. When these words came out of my mouth, they felt ridiculous. So I hid instead.”

Lynn had success after realizing she could work differently than her male counterparts. She could speak differently & have better relationships with her clients.

What worked to help her overcome Imposter Syndrome? "Seeing my own power - but someone had to point out to me how strong I was. I kept needing to hear, ‘You can handle it.’

Lynn eventually realized she has a 100% success record of surviving all the shit that’s handed to her!

She says, “Working with a coach allowed me to believe in myself. It’s not about return on dollar - it’s about learning how to trust & believe in yourself."

In hard times, Lynn now asks herself the questions & uses the tactics she learned from coaching.

And she shares them with staff & colleagues - and even with family!

“It’s the best investment you can make because I like who I am as a person because of the work we did.”

Lynn suggests you find a coach who’s able to meet you where you are & help you move forward:

 “Jen gets me clear on what’s the problem & then I move forward. I use everything we did in coaching with my kids & husband all the time!”

What do women on the journey of growing a business need to know to make their journey easier”

"We feel so guilty all the time about everything - there’s always something for us to feel bad about & we cover it up. We put the mask on & ignore it.

“If you’re willing to look beneath the surface - hey this is a part that’s nagging at me all the time, you can resolve it. And that’s amazing!

“Do not be afraid to get help - you are WORTH THE INVESTMENT of time. It’s not about the money - it’s about the time to take an hour out & work on the stuff that affects us…”

How it ripples out to other people is an added bonus.

Lynn obtained success on many fronts by overcoming her imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and hiding!

What results did Lynn create?

  •  Lynn stopped hiding from her business and got a promotion she thought was five years off!
  • She moved her family out of her hometown to her dream city: Charlotte!

  • Her best piece of advice?

Do not be afraid to get help - you are WORTH THE INVESTMENT of time. It’s not about the money - it’s about the time to take an hour out & work on the stuff that affects us…”

And how it ripples out to other people in your life is an added bonus.

Are you sick of your bullshit & your excuses? Let’s go!

Stop hiding.

Start showing up to create the next phase of YOUR LIFE.

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