Throw off your Invisibility Cloak-

With your personalized Signature System + Content Vault in place, your marketing can finally do the heavy lifting for you
so you don't have to work harder or do MORE

“I just want to grow my business…so I can help more people!”

But getting the right EYES on your business in this noisy world is maddening & exhausting -

You’ve given away all your best stuff in free content & it doesn’t convert anyway.

You do the 'right' things -

  • Churn out endless, valuable marketing CONTENT
  • Show up EVERYWHERE for visibility
  • Follow all the rules, strategies, & best practices

But you may as well open the window & SHOUT into the void, for all the good it’s doing.

I mean - you know you’re good at what you do - really good!

(Have you heard what your clients say about you?)

You’re tired of spinning plates, showing up for your business, & overworking, especially in your marketing.

You just want to:  

  • set yourself apart from everyone else - even when it feels like we're all doing the same thing
  • make your audience take notice - stand out as a specialist in the pool of generalists!
  • stop the swirling, endless content creation on every platform, performing like a monkey, a servant to social media 
  • confidently market your business - simply & easily, seen as the expert & authority you are!

Does it take MORE work? MORE marketing?

NOooooo! Absolutely not! You don’t need MORE.

You need BETTER, easier solutions -

And the thing is, your solution is already inside your brain.

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You’ve been working with clients for a couple of years - and…

whether you know it or not,
you have an effective process you use with them.

Kind of like a signature solution that gets your people the results they want.

But you’re probably not talking about it anywhere because

  • you don’t see that you even have a signature system
  • you worry sharing it will give everything away for freeeeee.

You already use your signature method every day with clients.

It's what actually sets you apart from the online noise.

We show you how to harness your system, process, or framework - 

Then use it as the basis for your marketing strategywithout giving everything all away for free in your content...

We help you unlock your Signature System so you can easily…

  • Clearly see your marketing pathway, only using strategies that are right for you
  • Create a library of customized, magnetic messaging to draw in your audience - without endless hours creating or giving away all the HOWs 
  • Establish yourself as an expert with a proven process - elevating you with your audience
  • Feel the aahhhhhh - finally, ease around marketing & content creation

We teach you HOW to use your customized signature framework to market yourself without having to come up with a brilliant new topic every week. 


You'll have a marketing pathway and vault of content to pull from any time - with a personalized plan that's right for you. 

 Together, we create help you stop re-inventing the marketing wheel every blasted day.


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Introducing -

The Signature Solution Program

Turn what you already do in business into a personalized framework with marketing content that does the heavy lifting, so you can breathe again.

This Done-With-You experience is designed to help you

  • create a simpler way to connect & engage with your audience
  • attract qualified leads - no more tire kickers or brain pickers
  • stop trading hours for dollars
  • confidently answer the question, “What do you do?” - with ease
  • become a content creation powerhouse with content outlined for the next 6-9 months!

What sets The Signature Solution Program apart from other marketing & content creation solutions?

You know your client has a gap between Here (their problem) & the Better Place (the solution they need).

Your Signature Solution efficiently closes that gap for your clients - you use it like you breathe: automatically!

That all makes sense, right?

But you haven’t been USING your method as a framework to steer your marketing efforts with more ease & simplicity. 

With less effort on your part. 


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No one wants marketing to be hard!

Instead of a one-size-fits-all method that doesn’t exist - we take the secret sauce you’re already pouring all over your business and use THAT to create marketing content that FEELS LIKE YOU.

You'll stay in your Zone of Genius expertise - and use it - without the marketing mistakes most people make such as...

Hammering an audience, fire-hosing them with too much information, or making them disinterested enough to flip on the “ignore” filter!  
Giving away the cow and the milk with too much “HOW TO” content - easing people’s pain enough that they never commit or buy - and they also never get their problem solved...
Talking around the audience’s problems without clarity or focus - so they can't see themselves in your content - rendering it impossible for them to engage or connect with you!
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What The Signature Solution Program does is guide you by the hand to...

  • Harness (and make vibrantly clear to YOU) your personalized, powerful Signature Solution…so you can stop winging it & see how legit you already are.

  • Create a graphic framework to use as an asset everywhere in your business… especially expressing the value of your offers & pricing.

  • Use that framework to generate marketing content with clear, simple strategies that connect with & convert your audience into customers & clients

By the end of this collaborative process, you’ll be able to:

Communicate exactly how you help people achieve their goals - without giving away all the steps.
Set yourself apart from the crowd & attract clients in need of YOUR proprietary Signature Solution.
Release yourself from marketing hell - & let your framework do the heavy lifting for you.
Show your audience the value of your unique framework, making it waaaayyyy easier to charge premium fees & get out of the hourly rate trap.
Become a content powerhouse, speaking to your solution & value rather than endless “how-to” content.
Step off the content hamster wheel & end the content churn with a bank of content you withdraw from any time.

Your framework is the marketing gift that keeps on giving because you’ll never be at a loss for what to say to your audience.

Here’s how it works:

This is a 3-month Done-With-You Program! We collaborate & co-work to ensure that your outcome is highly customized using an individualized approach.

You & Claudia assess your needs & create clarity so we can tailor the program for the results you need.

You work privately with Claudia in 7-8 sessions to produce your personalized Signature System Framework. Nail down your perfect-for-you audience, personalized marketing message,  & customized signature system!

You & Jen use your Signature System to design six-to-nine months of marketing content. Within 2-3 sessions, you'll have a content plan + publishing process that works for you

You re-connect with Claudia after ~2 months to tweak the Framework & leverage your marketing strategy across your business - if anything's not working, we help you re-focus!

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Within the next 90 days, you’ll have Your Signature Solution mapped out - and a personalized vault of content, outlined & ready to plug into your business whenever you need it.

This is not a one size fits all solution -

We co-create something that’s YOURs and only yours - your intellectual property to use throughout & across your business.

Here's how it changes how you do everything inside your business - 


When you need to market, message, or create content, you will

  •  Look at your framework
  • Pull out the words, phrases, ideas, & topics you need and…
  • Plug it in, using the plan! No more overthinking or avoiding marketing!

Think of this as the teacher-approved cheat sheet you wish you had in high school.

The personalized content distilled from Your Signature System framework lets you stand out in the marketplace - without doing MORE…

Without doing what everyone ELSE is doing…


Without creating ADDITIONAL offers and options.

Leverage your business with EASE & simplicity.

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Remember how we said you can use Your Signature Solution Framework across your business?

Here’s how you use it beyond marketing & content creation:

  • Respond to the question, “What do you do?” in a way that other people FINALLY understand!
  • Sales calls stop feeling slippery - because now you convey the value rather than praying they don’t ask, “How much?”
  • Never re-invent the wheel with every new client - plug & play your framework.
  • Use your framework to help you pivot or swivel your biz - especially if you don’t know how or where to start…
  • Outline the chapters of that book you've been waiting to start for years now!

And if something’s broken and you don’t know what it is - your Signature System Framework (aka your proprietary, personalized system) - GUIDES YOU.

How can you use it beyond marketing?

Content Creation    Sales Calls    Creating Offers & Pricing

Our clients use their Signature System Framework as a launchpad to develop:

New offerings    Book proposals    Presentations or keynotes    Trainings & webinars    Sales pages


Suddenly the topics you're an expert on become obvious to you and you can now share them more clearly & easily.

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The Investment...

Your Signature Solution - Complete

$3500 USD


  • Step 1: Assessment Session 
  • Step 2: Create Your Signature System Framework  (5-6 sessions)
  • Step 3: Create Your Content Vault (2-3 sessions)
  • Step 4: 90-Day Re-Assessment
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Who Are We To Help You? 

Meet Claudia Schalkx


I like to say Claudia can see what's not visible to the naked eye.

She's a marketing expert who can diagnose the most subtle marketing troubles with her perception & experience!

Her laser-focus gets to the root of your problems - so you can stop wasting time trying solutions that are not a good fit.

For you, we begin with her proprietary method that helps clients create a customized roadmap.

Benefit from her depth of expertise & breadth of knowledge to reveal & utilize your Signature System Framework.

She’s helped hundreds of industry experts, service providers, thought leaders, & digital marketers understand their own process and harness it in their marketing.

Expect clarity, nuance, & personalization. Enjoy her insights & questions as you reframe your approach to your business - and marketing!


Meet Jen Liddy


You want your marketing content to convey what you stand for, what makes you unique, and help grow your business.

But you spend endless hours thinking about what to say or struggle to create anything at all.

When you finally figure that out, you get stuck in the call to action.

I know - I've been there too! Even as a marketing expert.

So I know Jen is the answer to your problem & can help your content strategy start to perform for you!

With her sharp eye, unrivaled ability to find the right words, & keen understanding of how content works, Jen, like magic, can help you leverage your content in a way that doesn’t suck the life out of you.

Under her warm & caring guidance, you'll step off the marketing hamster wheel and actually look forward to it!

Jen quickly understands what your business is about - she's here to help you get off the content roller coaster with her own signature system she'll take you through!


Are You Ready To Join Us In The Signature Solution Program?

Is The Signature Solution experience right for you?

  • You know you’re sitting on a gold mine, but you’re uncertain how to package your unique process so that you can stop being the industry’s best kept secret.

  • You’d love to develop your Intellectual Property into a clear process that helps you attract clients and stand out

  • You're stuck trading time for money, spinning with ideas, getting ZERO traction with any of them. 

  • You know your work delivers results, but you need help packaging and messaging it properly

Why Now's The Time To Join Us: 

  • The market only gets more competitive and noisier. But you already know that.

  • Have you ever cringed at someone doing something similar to you? It’s time to stand apart.

  • You don’t want to keep working around the clock. We know you’re exhausted. We’ve been there, too.

  • Your audience only gets smarter and smarter - they will not tolerate bullshit marketing tactics any longer.

  • Show your audience the pieces to your solution, without giving it all away in your content and your marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ask any entrepreneur what s/he wishes, and you’ll most probably hear, I just want to

  • Stand out of the crowd & market my services easily
  • Be able to say what I do without causing confusion, boredom, or overwhelm!
  • Charge more without feeling awkward…

The Signature Solution is our solution to help you achieve these 3 wishes -  

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