Success Story : Allison Mitura

Allison has a huge desire to help people via yoga...

AND to make a living doing it!

Find out what it takes to start a new business - and do it the way YOU want to!


Yoga's the Secret Sauce of Life

Yoga helped Allison elevate from some darker times in her life. She found the more she did it, the more she needed to share it with others. 

The dream to start a yoga business called to her - and she knew:

1. She did NOT want a brick & mortar studio.

2. She DID want to bring yoga to people in their homes - and call it HoGa

3. She needed to figure out if there was a market for this!

How should she move forward?

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Allison made some initial fantastic choices made things a LOT easier!

She did the market research necessary to deeply understand her ideal client. 

MOST new entrepreneurs skip this step!

What she learned was invaluable to her, her business, & her clients.

She learned that people DID want yoga brought to their businesses and homes...

So she could move forward with HoGa!

Why bother to ask?

In her interviews, she simply asked, “What do you need in your life?”.

Allison got insight into the brains of her potential clients:

They struggled with:

  • Not enough time 
  • Body image 
  • Wanting a healthy family 
  • Feeling anxious

BOOM! Allison knew she could offer specific classes to help people solve these problems! was time to move forward & fill her schedule...

Learn exactly HOW to do your Target Market Research

Patience Pays Off

Up Next? The long game of marketing.

Most new businesses face marketing challenges - logging into social media & not seeing a responses, not knowing how to 'do marketing', etc.

But Allison remained consistent with her content, always keeping her ideal client in mind.

She let go of worrying whether people “liked it” & practiced being authentic to herself and her mission. And that's how she grew her business FROM SCRATCH!

Allison believes that yoga is something to make everything in your life become more alive. 

She's put herself out there, practiced patience, & she has seen INCREDIBLE - opportunities come from it!

She’s the perfect example of someone that made it happen for herself and you can too. 

Allison made her dreams a reality - teaching people how to find peace in their lives through yoga.

HIRE Allison for HOGA at your home!



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