"Just batch your content!" they say.

"Repurpose everything!" they advise.


Um. OK - Sure. But HOW?!


Learn the inside how-tos with the Batch & Repurpose Content Creation System, customizable for your specific style & platforms!

The content DREADmill to nowhere has you burned out! Blogging, Vlogging, Social Slogging? 


You panic, “Crap! πŸ˜© What am I gonna put out there today?!” 

Or feel, “Meh. Who cares? πŸ™„ NO one sees anything anyway…”


Truth is: content planning, batching, & repurposing has been made waaaayyyyyy more complicated than it needs to be


End the shenanigans with a simple content system we tailor to YOUR business that'll save you 4 - 5 hours each week.

Nothing's held back on the how-to front!

Easi-fy with the Batch & Repurpose Content Creation System - $37

Click the video for a sneak peek at what's inside πŸ‘‰πŸ½

PLUS see all the Bonus materials you'll get!


 Here's what you get: wayyy more mileage from your content plan!

In about 30 minutes, you'll understand the complete STRATEGIC system that aligns your your content with your marketing & business goals -


CODE FOR: No fluff! Just good stuff.


βœ… Step-by-step guides to help your content do the heavy lifting in your marketing plan


βœ… End the willy-nilly throwing content out there: batch & create 4-6 weeks of intentional content ready to put in place.


βœ… Replicate the "From-idea-to-publish-to-repurpose" framework every month


βœ… Over-my-shoulder samples & explanations - nothing held back in the How To department!


βœ…βœ…BONUSES to help you create an infinite content idea vault


Stop re-inventing the wheel with your content marketing every month!!


Click below & get a realistic, repeatable  process to put in place right away  -

Seriously - a month of my content planned out for $37? Yes PLEASE!


Let's be honest:  

You’ve downloaded tons of social freebies & content calendars that don't really help ...
Or bought plug & play scripts that are more work than writing content yourself!
This mini-training gives you a system & tools so you stop worrying: 


  • What should I say today?
  • What's the point of all this work, anyway?
  • Why isn’t anyone engaging with my stuff?
  • Am I going to be on this content dreadmill for the rest of my freakin' LIFE?


This 5-step Batch-It framework shows you how to REALISTICALLY plan,  create & repurpose content that does your marketing heavy lifting... 


so you can get back to the aspects of your business you actually LOVE working on!


PSSSST:  {The system works EVEN IF YOUR BRAIN is highly creative & busy & resists planning!}

Access the workshop here: $37

"Jen always delivers. Through this workshop, I was able to fine-tune my writing skills for social media.


I'm a writer by trade, looking to create more succinct posts rather than fall back on the lengthy, business-related writing to which I was accustomed.


It was great seeing my progress at the end of the workshop. My first coaching session with Jen was about two years ago and I still refer back to the tips and tools I learned! Work with her! You won't be disappointed!"


-Christine Krahling, host of the Bloom Where You Are Planted podcast

What you will create...
  • Your personalized Content System - no matter which content platforms & strategies you prefer to use!
  • A repeatable process that's individualized - know why you’re creating every single thing in your content plan!  
  • A Repurposing Plan - with step-by-step samples & breakdowns.
  • Simple strategies so you can stop baking the bread from scratch every week. 
  • A realistic framework to keep you from going to bed & slapping your head with, “Uggg I never put anything out there today!
  • Bonuses - to help you harness your ideas & know exactly what to say!

πŸ’₯ Using Jen’s system, my business  increased substantially. I never sent emails or posted prior to that. Got a client yesterday from an email!  ~Patti Lustig, Author & Life Coach

What you will receive:






 Step-by-step guidebook so you never get lost

Content examples for service- & product-based businesses 

BONUS "Over my shoulder" BTS:

Watch me live edit & turn a blog into an email & social posts


5 things you can stop doing in your content right now!


Infinite Content Topics -

never run out of ideas again!

GOOD NEWS: the training is straightforward

& won't cost you TONS of time or moolah

Hi, I'm Jen Liddy - word nerd.


I've spent thousands of hours studying content, copy, & messaging, working with 150+ clients...


But you don't want to spend that kind of time! You want this fixed NOW.


That's why I narrowed my private-client strategy into a 5-step system that shows you how to do this for yourself!


Learn how to create personalized messaging for your audience

BATCHED & ready to implement.  

Repeat this system & never be paralyzed by content creation again!

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Before I took Jen’s content creation workshops, I felt overwhelmed with what I should write.


I wanted to be able to clearly state my message but didn’t know how.

Her workshops helped me be able to think more clearly & deeply, which seemed impossible before.


I strongly recommend Jen if you’re looking for effective communication with your audience.

-Jill Johnstone, Skincare Expert

Feel swallowed up by by content creation? Read this: 

This mini-training is designed to help you feel clear, confident, & (dare I say it?) EXCITED about creating content that serves your audience…

And…bonus…it’ll make your life easier, too…

You deserve to stop the content overwhelm & frustration - and finally enjoy the freedom, options, money, energy, and time you desire!

(I mean - isn’t that what brought you into entrepreneurship in the first place?)

Puh-leeze take me to the System!

Who am I to help you

I’m Jen Liddy, Content Creation Specialist.

In the long long ago, I used to be an educator. Specifically, I taught English, writing, & personal development.

I made the huge leap into entrepreneurship in 2013, learning how to “do business” from the inside out.

I also made every mistake possible & had to come back from the edge of burnout.

That’s why I started my coaching business: to help women like me avoid all the errors that slowed down my growth.

Working with words, copy, messaging, & content creation is a part of my business I find FUN.

Let me share what I've learned to make content creation easier for YOU...

in YOUR voice, YOUR style, for YOUR audience!

Yes, I want this $37 deal-of-the-century!