3 Ways To Streamline Your Content

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2021

This advice is for you if you find content creation actually takes up a lot of your time and you feel like you're constantly spinning around about it.

Today, I have three simple tricks that are going to help shift you out of the depletion and the exhaustion that's probably either keeping you from doing it at all, or you feel slammed against the wall cause you never stop doing it all. 

The first one is you have to assess yourself.

Are you fire-hosing your audience?

What I see a lot is people who have a lot to say and a lot to teach, which is pretty much everybody if you're in the information space right now and you have a lot to share with your audience because they have a lot to learn.

And so people are just hammering us with information, gigantic posts, densely filled, unreadable, unscannable.

That's basically fire-hosing and your audience just can't consume it.

Are you giving too much in your content?

The second thing is to use what I call the "Fish Food Analogy".

Once you realize, "Oh, I'm giving everything all at once," you realize you can't do that because they can't consume it.

Go to the fish food, parse it out, give them a little bit at a time.

Let them come up and take a bite and take it back to their little castle and digest it.

Then when they're ready because they understood it and they digested it and they're hungry for more, they will come back and get another nugget.

So it doesn't mean that you constantly have to be regenerating stuff, but you do need to be repurposing it, giving them a little bit all the time so that they can consume it.

The third thing that you can do to streamline your content and stop feeling so depleted by it or avoiding it together is to plan ahead in batches.

So if you're somebody who's kind of splattering your emails everywhere and your blog posts and your social posting, you just feel like your topics are all over the place.

It's time to start batching things into content themes so that you're not constantly being spun around by your content and your audience can stay with you.

It's easier for you to write because of course, you're writing less because you're giving the fish food and you're just batching it out.

It's better for them...

but also it's better for you because you will be less exhausted and overwhelmed hiding from your content.

Get off the content dreadmill.


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