A Content Strategy you haven’t considered: OPP

Mar 28, 2021

Just can’t write. I hate writing.

Email’s not my thing.

Socials are a total time suck.

Soooooo - I can’t do content. [{SHRUG}]

>>>waits for next referral to roll in. 


I could teach you every content creation strategy in the book, but if that’s what’s going on in your mind, NO WONDER it all feels so hard.

All month, I’ve been teaching you the 1st step to more freedom inside your business is understanding Audience Attraction…

Here’s the next step: Consistent Content.

I’m not here to convince you it’s VITAL. 

{You already know that}.

Maybe you can’t get behind Consistent Content because you think you HAVE to be a writer or ALL over the SOCIALS to do it.

TRUTH: There’s NEVER only one way to do anything.

Allie’s a great example of a client doing content HER way: 

a life coach helping young women on the verge of real-life adulthood, who struggle with anxiety & motivation.

Right now, she’s got ZERO interest in growing her email - because she knows where her audience is: INSTAGRAM. 

And where they’re NOT: email. 📬

Should I convince her to develop an email list - even though I love email & think it’s vital for any business owner?


We’ve got her focused on IG stories, videos, and images.

Her content shines there. 
We’ve nailed down her topics, her voice, her stories to tell.

What else can she do to grow & attract an audience? 

OPP: Other People’s Podcasts.

Get Allie in front of someone’s audience & they fall in LOVE with her.

It doesn’t even HAVE to be a podcast - maybe it’s an Instagram LIVE, a Facebook interview series, a YouTube show.

Getting in front of someone else’s audience is a wonderful way to hone your voice…

Develop your confidence…

And get visibility you’ve never imagined.

How do you do this? I spoke with branding coach & expert Anna Sabino on success strategies to get in front of other people’s audiences…

(which I guess technically is OPA, but OPP was a more fun throwback to my 1991 Junior year in college.)

ANYWAY - Anna explains how to: 

  • Start with a strong pitch - focused on “them”
  • Pitch the right podcasts - so you’re in front of the right audience
  • Batch your pitching - so you’re efficient

Interesting tidbit: we discussed the “myth” about the cool kids table that a lot of us carry around: 

Like we’re imposters if we can’t go from ZERO to Oprah…

Should we bother if we’re not invited on Armchair Expert or Brene’ Brown’s podcast? 

We don’t need to start at the top - we just NEED TO START!

Listen: (I say this to every client & in every workshop) - “You don’t have to be everywhere.”

It will burn you out.

But you DO need to be someplace - and it needs to be strategic.

So. If you’ve been avoiding content creation - because you “have to BE A WRITER” - 

Or “have to be EVERYWHERE”…

Or “should” be on higher visibility podcasts - 

Just know that’s a little lie your brain’s telling itself to keep you safely out of the limelight

Podcasts help you create authority because you show up as the expert. 

Do it afraid.
You’ll create the courage as you go.

The more you put yourself out there, the clearer you get.

Start NOW!


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