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All the ways we’re doing it wrong…

The dude in a fast car slowed down long enough to scream at me,


as he blew down my street…

I’d gotten caught in an unexpected rain shower with my doggo, no umbrella,

and stood on the sidewalk, (like a dope, apparently), taking a video & marveling at the double rainbow in the sky…

Younger Me would’ve been horrified getting called out by Fast Car Dude for being UNCOOL enough to **GASP** admire a lame double rainbow!

Instead, Older Me thought,

“Man, someone’s always there, ready to pop your bubble. I mean –shit, we can’t admire a double rainbow without getting called out?”

And then I chuckled & shook my head in classic Old Lady 👵 style.

How the hell are we supposed to let ourselves be seen & do good stuff in the world if we’re gonna feel judged for harmless things like admiring a double rainbow??

Other things Fast Car Dude might judge me for include stopping to admire

🌖 the moon in ANY phase of its journey
leaves changing color
sunrises or sunsets (I’m not picky – I’ll take either or both.)

Someone’s always there to call us out for all the ways we’re doing it wrong, aren’t they?

Which makes it so easy for us to judge ourselves – or do a pre-emptive strike and go freakin’ hide.

I happen to know that even the most stoic, confident, and blow-hardy arrogant people among us deal with bouts of




not trusting yourself

feeling unworthy or unloved

inner critic shenanigans…

So…it logically makes sense that you might feel never good enough sometimes, too

There’s no sermon today on “How I’ve Figured It Out.”

 I struggle with every one of those bullshit feelings up there, and every time a new one shows up, I irritably think,

“Gah!! I’m FIFTY-TWO! When is this “never good enough” bullshit going away?”

(Make sure to mentally say “away” in a whiny awaaaaaayyyyyy voice!)

Maybe you wonder that too?

Recently, Patty Lennon invited me on her Space for Magic Podcast to talk about some mental garbage I recently waded through around this topic.

The feedback & messages I’ve received from her audience were incredibly touching and interesting…

So I wondered if you’d like to hear it, too?

It’s a vulnerable convo about unwinding the long-term effects of my most relentless, brutally harsh, meanest critic:


And how that aspect of myself has been holding me back in almost every area of life.

If you've every struggled with parts of yourself you'd like to shove down & ignore, and you truly KNOW it's keeping you from having everything you want -

You’ll love this “Oh, we’re going there” no BS convo and probably learn a few weird things about me you never knew before!

Plus strategies you might use in your own life & business!

Grab it on your favorite podcast app:

Apple Podcasts       Spotify

Thanks for checking it out, and lmk your thoughts…

Xo, Jen

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