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Am I too dumb to do marketing?

Uncategorized May 03, 2020

Even before COVID struck, there’s always been a lot of


marketing tactics you’ve been running from like your hair’s on fire!

If you haven’t figured out how to attract clients, it’s not your fault.

People HATE marketing - they tell me all the time.

In fact, they’d rather stay stuck where they are than grow a business because they HATE MARKETING.

I feel this so very much.

Flashback 5 years ago: in the parking lot of my chiropractor, listening to yet ANOTHER marketing podcast.

The host guy’s a BRILLIANT marketer. Makes it all sound SO EASY - like anyone can do it!

The point of the podcast is to share ALL the things you can do to market yourself. And he’s rattling them off, like it’s the alphabet.

The more I listen, the more jammed up I get. Obviously, this marketing thing is JUST SO EASY, but I’m clearly too damn stupid to GET IT.

Because if I could get it, I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed by it.

Because Brilliant Marketing Dude has just laid it out there in an easy, peasy lemon squeezy way.

Out of nowhere, I start sobbing because NO NO NO! You just don’t understand Brilliant Marketing Dude!

This may be for everyone, but not MEEEEE.

I can’t do this! This kind of marketing genius stuff is for other people…but I’m not other people. I’m particularly stupid when it comes to this stuff. 

Waaaaaahhhhh. 😭

Here’s what I didn’t understand about myself at the time:

A big reason we don’t take action on something we want very badly is that we don’t believe WE can actually BE different.

Like, sure, sure. That program will work for someone else. That podcast will help a different person.

But me? I’m a marketing LOSER. I don’t get this stuff. It’s too haaaarrrrrddddd WAHHHHHH.

(This was seriously what was going on in my head.)

THIS is EXACTLY why even though YOU know you need to put good, clear messaging, content, & marketing into the world to grow your biznizz, you DON'T WANNA.

Other people can create content. But you? Nahhhh, you’ll just suffer until the next word-of-mouth referral walks in.

Or keep trying your “be on Facebook all day, posting in every group” strategy.

Instead of just doing the REALLY hard thing & believing in yourself.

Welcome to Human-Hood, where our brains run the show & we sometimes need a kick in the arse to get out of our own way.

Here’s your kick in the pants today, wrapped in a warm hug:

Your audience needs authentic content from you.

To know you’re an expert & have the chops to help them.

To believe you can help them, you’ve gotta help them UP FRONT - with your highly valuable content.

Content that develops a relationship with them.

Blog. Podcast. Videos. Freebies. Workshops. Social media. Whatever - you’ve got to get your brilliance out in the world.


Your brain is running a LOT of stories that you’re probably unaware of.

  • Who am I to be saying this stuff? There are so many experts already saying it. No one wants to hear what I have to say. The world’s so noisy - why add to it?
  • I don’t want to bother people, so I’m just gonna hide here & complain because I’m not making more money, thankyouverymuch.
  • Ugggg, writing my content takes SOOOO much time. I have no freakin idea what the hell to even say in my content. And I’m not good at writing. And…and…and…
  • Why should I give my stuff away for free? I worked hard to know this stuff. If I give it all away, why would people pay me?

Maybe you’ve even tried using templates before, but they feel phony. Like it’s not your voice & doesn’t feel genuine.

Or you’ve hired people before, but they never seem to get it right. You wonder why you’re never happy with it - like the website, emails, or landing page just doesn’t sound…like you.

You need to have your own voice…your own content…that jives with YOUR BRAND before you hand it all over to someone.

And you know what? You CAN BECOME a content creator. You just need to believe you can.

That’s why I took everything I’ve been learning for the past 5 years and created The Customized Content Solution Workshop.

In March, twelve people went through this training & were blown away by the content they created -

Since then, I’ve tweaked a few things: that’s why this time I’m offering it over a 4-week period!

75 minutes, once a week, for a month.

Imagine that by this time next month, you’ll have a system to help you:

  • create a content bank to withdraw from any time!
  • be more consistent in getting content out there
  • stop overthinking what to say!

I’ll be honest - content creation is NOT the sexy part of building a business.

But it provides a HUGE return on investment - if you do it in integrity with WHO YOU ARE…

And with consistency.

It keeps you top of mind with the people who NEED to hear from you - using the language & ideas exactly THEY need to hear!

In this workshop, you’ll not only learn the HOWs to create a bank of foundational, personalized content - you’ll also get a TON of feedback from me.

I’m going to show you how to create



perfect-for-them content.

So it can land on their ears.

Yes - it’s possible that content creation doesn’t have to be painful!

If you sign up now for the 4-Week Workshop, you’re investing in your business in a way that’ll serve EVERY part of your business in the future.

Why? Because good content is needed EVERYWHERE in your business.

And if nothing else, spend a few minutes thinking about which part of growing YOUR business you juuuuuust don’t quite believe you can do - yet.


Think about how life will be different when you overcome those stories & get there.

Believe it.

I’ll believe for you if you can’t right now.

Xo, Jen

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