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Blogging Strategies to Squash Resistance to Writing (and make the Google happy too!)

Did you have a teacher or professor who wrote all over your papers, leaving comments that made you think you're a terrible writer?

Speaking to many, many business owners, I've learned soooooo many of us harbor a deep resistance to writing.

For some it borders on a trauma that keeps them from putting their ideas out in the world.

Especially when it comes to blogging - which is a great freakin' way to make the Google machine happy, attract your audience, and evergreen-ify your content…

Blogging's all about getting more mileage from your brilliance

BUT - if you're averse to writing, blogging's not gonna be your thing. RIGHT?

(Is this an "eat your veggies" message - blogging is GOOD for you but you may need to make it more palatable?)

ANYWAY - In today's conversation we address this issue and talk about how to manage it!

Meet Jennifer Barden, a Squarespace designer, StoryBrand guide, & blogging expert:

We talk about realistic, simple ways to…

  1. Overcome Writing Hurdles: there are alternative methods you may not have considered yet to break through blocks & avoid the Blank Page Syndrome.
  2. Marry SEO + Repurposing: maximize your content's lifespan with practices to make it WORTH YOUR WHILE!
  3. Find Your Frequency: a manageable pace is VITAL. Boost your presence & reach with a right-for-you cadence..


Let's soothe your brain from its old stories about writing with some realistic blogging approaches that give you ROI!


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