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BTS with Dallas Travers - The Realities of Navigating a Huge Content Project

EP 233 BTS with Dallas Travers

Dallas Travers had a GREAT freakin' idea for a VERY large initiative she wanted to put into the world…

It was an e-magazine that a bit of a 'disruptor' in the online space, with 3 main goals:

  1. Offer coaches alternatives to outdated approaches
  2. Provide space for underrepresented voices to be heard
  3. Raise money to donate funds to a meaningful cause


When I got my eyes on it, the first thing I thought while it was, 

"DAMN. This is a fantastic piece of content."


The second thing I thought was, "DAMN. This must've been an enormous amount of work to pull off."

So I reached out to Dallas to see if she'd talk about the REALITY behind what it took to actually getting that big, exciting, impactful, amazing piece of content into the world…


When she said yes, I was thrilled! 

You probably already know Dallas Travers: she's the host of Coaches on a Mission podcast AND is a well-known & highly respected coach of coaches.


Dallas takes us behind the scenes to reveal what it's really like to develop such a big vision and bring her online magazine - called What To Do Instead (WTDI) - to life.


The What To Do Instead project created challenges & forced Dallas (and her team) to evolve their priorities, put Dallas' strategic gifts into overdrive, and play with new tactics & approaches so they could hit their goals.


In true Dallas form, she generously shares the lessons learned & gives advice that'll help you bring your own ideas to fruition…

While honoring 'the dignity of your own process' - one of my personal favorite Dallas-isms.


Listen in for inspiration, motivation, and a dose of reality - always a great trifecta.


*Download the What To Do Instead e-mag here:

*For every new subscriber, Dallas' business donates $1 to The Afiya Center, a Reproductive Justice organization committed to serving Black women and girls.

Find all-things Dallas here at her website:

Hear the latest episode of Coaches on a Mission:



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