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How She Didn’t Disappear Inside a Crazy Year

It was the perfect storm - one of those crazy years Christine could easily disappear inside of.

In the next years’ time, one daughter would get married. The other would graduate high school. And a huge interstate move was coming her way.

She knew herself well enough to know that business-as-usual meant she’d be taking care of everyone else’s BIG needs.

Christine sat across from me & said, “I don't want to be sitting here at this time next year wondering what’s next FOR ME.”

I swear, I almost cried for her because I knew she was about to have an EPIC year!

The challenge was to help this Over-Giver take care of a wedding, college entrance, graduation, a big move -

while taking care of her own dream!



Her dream? To launch a podcast.

Was she ready? Hell no.

Did she know HOW? OMG - Nope!

But, she implemented rule #1 of goal-getting: Start before you are ready! 

At first, she had so much guilt. Long habits of over-giving to deal with!

But she’d DECIDED to move forward & took baby steps every week to make her goal a reality!

She found if she just took one step, how to do the next step just showed up...and BOOM! She’d launched her podcast!

How'd she do it?

  1. Surrounded herself with supportive women focused on moving forward.
  2. Hired a coach to keep her on track.
  3. Made time for herself every week!

Most importantly? She carved time into her calendar to make work a priority - which sometimes required boundaries her family wasn’t used to.

The good news? Christine faithfully implemented the tools to make this MUCH easier than she’d ever thought possible. There was NO drama!

Best of all? Her family was stronger, supportive, & excited to see her to reach her goals!

She kept reminding herself, “If I do this now, I’ll have freedom later”.

You can get there, too - if you chip off a bit at a time - and use these tools!

  • Start now. It’s okay if you’re not ready.
  • Don’t get ahead of yourself & ask, ‘Okay, what’s after THAT?’.
  • Keep a file of accomplishments so you can be impressed
  • Keep a file of dreams so your brain can relax & find them later.

How does she keep momentum going?

“I make time to play” - which is planning.

“I leave white space for things that come up” - another way of planning for flexibility.

The good news? This doesn’t have to be EPIC.

So, maybe you leave one hour - or even 30 minutes - aside for “free time”.

Maybe carve out 2 hours to plow through work, instead of insisting that it all gets done at one sitting.

Also, you don’t need to be highly regimented to get shit done. Carve in time for caring for yourself, others, & play!

When you plan for play or just open space, you’re actually more productive.

I want to celebrate Christine & her success! Find her great, helpful podcast here -


   Bloom Where You Are Planted Podcast    


And if you know you’re tired of pushing your dream aside, take the next baby step you know how. JUST GET STARTED!


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