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Comparison (Almost) Sent Me Into A Spiral Of Despair


Last night I was at a party and while I was there I had an epiphany. I realized that no matter where I go, men and women talk about the things that they want. They make plans, take action, or they’re even not in action! But at this party, we were talking about our homes, bodies, and how we balance our lives. I realized that no matter what the topic was, we want something. The kicker is that we are all prone to comparison.

Comparison As A Source Of Despair

Now, my friend Leslie has bought a new home, but it’s not a place where I could live because it requires a lot of attention. It’s absolutely stunning and is an amazing place! Still, I found myself comparing my home to hers. I was noticing how warm and inviting it was. Even my son was stunned by it saying “Why can’t we have a house with a pool?” Leslie is someone that loves to host and put effort towards a presentation to create the beautiful atmosphere her home has. She’s put so much effort into it to make it an amazing space, but again, it’s not a place that I could live.

Still, I had to stop myself from comparing my home to hers and think:

“Well, what do I want?”

The chatter continued and moved on to talking about weight loss and what challenges we face when it comes to food. Whether it’s allergies, cutting out carbs, whatever. Everyone had something going on that they were putting into action to try and get the results that they wanted. Still, it’s easy in those kinds of situations to compare physicality or think that someone else has it easier.

Everyone Has Something Going on

Being in that home yesterday watching the women interact, there’s a lot of chatter that we have. No matter how amazing someone’s life seems, there is something going on underneath. You can’t assume what another person is going through no matter how beautiful the exterior could be. There are nonsense and shenanigans happening behind the scenes that you are not privy to. So remember, that your story is your own and another person’s story is theirs. There is no comparison because they are so vastly different.

Period. Stop There.

Leslie’s home is gorgeous. It’s amazing. And guess what? I get to use her pool whenever I want. Period. Her home is great for her and her family. Period. The internal chatter we put ourselves can end right there. It doesn’t have to go to these places where we are comparing and self-deprecating.

All the women talking about weight loss? They are beautiful in different and their own ways. Period. None of it mattered.

How much do you spend comparing and despairing about what other people are doing? Are you looking at other people’s business and comparing their success to theirs? Each business is different. Each person is different. You know what you need. You always know what you need, but you don’t calm your brain down enough most of the time to listen to what you need.

So this week I want you to reflect on what you want.

On what you need.

Then when you get there, book a Breakthrough Session with me and we’ll get you back in your lane.

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