Content Creation Is Not A One-Size Fits All Process

Mar 26, 2021
Content Creation, Social Media

So one of the things I really want you to understand about content creation is that there's not a one size fits all solution to your specific content problem.

And I know that there's a lot of things vying for your time.

Should I start a podcast?

Should I get on TikTok?

People are growing explosively on TikTok.

Should I be on Pinterest?

The thing is, what you want to do is find the place.

There's three things.

The number one is to find the place where your audience is, where do you want to be and what's the intersection of the two of those things?

You can stop trying to be everywhere because that's just like splattering and it's making you exhausted and your people are not everywhere.

So just find where your people are.

That's the first thing to make content creation a hell of a lot more streamlined.

The second thing is to plan in advance and what feels good to you.

What kind of system do you want to use?

Does it feel good to plan three days in advance, a week in advance, a month in advance?

How does your brain work?

And I promise you, even if you're highly creative and love to be spontaneous, you can still train your brain to batch things so you can plan in advance.

Now, once you do number one, which is figuring out the platforms that are right for you and your audience, and then you do number two, you batch things and plan them.

Number three becomes a lot more easy, which is to get consistent.

When you show up consistently for your audience, they start to pay attention to you.

They start to expect you.

They start to look forward to you, and that's how we make content creation easier.

Please understand there is not a one size fits all strategy.

I actually have several different systems I use depending on what I'm working on to batch my content, to plan my content, to push out my content.

So you can let yourself off the hook and get off the dreadmill or the hamster wheel or whatever you want to call it, because it just doesn't have to be so hard.

So those three steps, platform, planning and consistency.

Just start there.

And I promise you you'll see yourself starting to get some traction in your content. 

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