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As you can imagine, she was overwhelmed.

She’d been recovering mentally & physically from breast cancer for 4 years…

And had left corporate America to launch her own business. 

She had ALL THE IDEAS. Tons of experience.

Mucho mucho training & certifications.

But what did she really want for her business?  


She just wanted to know:

  • Who do I WANT to help?
  • WHAT exactly do I want to OFFER clients?
  • How can I GET MORE CLIENTS to help?

Meet Catherine Avery - a badass mother who was determined to not only get clarity, but to HAVE some damn FUN while DOING IT!

Tired of being tired. Sick of being sick. She just wanted to have a business AND a life.

Is that so much to ask? 🤷‍

Here are a few foundational things that helped Catherine find clarity:

  1. She figured out exactly WHO she helps. And who she doesn’t I swear, when you know who you want to work with, half the battle is fought!
  2. She crafted the exact perfect offer to fit her audiences’ needs - AND HER OWN LIFE! One offer. Something specific. We cleaned up a lot of little offers & got impressively focused.
  3. Then she had to sell it. Marketing felt so hard. So we uncovered her VOICE. She learned to speak in her marketing that’s not only authentic to herself…it resonates with her audience! Suddenly marketing felt a HELL of a lot easier.

I watched Catherine go from frustrated (and overwhelmed - and a little lost) to focused, clear, & productive!

Speaking of productive, Catherine is a productivity EXPERT.

In the links to her Success Story below, you’ll find thoughtful insights & tips to help you get your act together in your office (and life!)

If you’re looking for more, listen to her podcast or sign up for her office transformation.


You deserve a work-life integration that brings you satisfaction, peace, & fun.

This is your time to get it. Overcome the chaos & clutter in your life & business: check out Productivity By Design and become your OWN Success Story!



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