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Do you feel like you could do SO MANY THINGS? with Lisa Sears


Lisa Sears- she has so many interests, talents, and levels of expertise, that it was really hard to nail down what she wanted to do with it all! If you're a multi-passionate person who loves to wear many hats, tune in tonight. Learn HOW to honor yourself! Lisa's story will help you be inspired, feel good about YOU, and take action!

Meet Lisa Sears

Lisa loves to tell people that she’s a quiter! She had a wonderful career at the same place for 18 years where she started at the bottom and ended up joining the executive team. After quitting, she ended up finding another position and she ended up quitting again. While it was stressful and there were many voices telling her she was crazy, quitting was a huge part of her journey!

After receiving her Masters degree, she remembered how much she loved the learn and not just teach. She put a lot of effort into helping other people’s dreams come true and to improve themselves. Then she realized she hadn’t stopped and though “What do I want to do?” Upon reflecting she realized that she was exhausted. She knew she could blame her job, but the truth was her current situation was of her own making. When she recognized the patterns she had that were holding her back, she realized that there had to be something more.

She went and got her life coaching certification and began her journey as an entrepreneur. Her company ___ helps people tune into what they can offer to the world. Her business has gone through a number of variations and she tried a few models to have it evolve into what it is today.

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What Are You Giving Your Time To?

Sometimes things are okay. We aren’t miserable or think we’re lacking something. But when Lisa stopped for a minute she saw how much of her time was going to other people. She felt validation through “fixing” and helping other people. She was choosing other people over herself and ended up drained of all energy.When we give time to other people, we end up taking away time from ourselves. What patterns do you have in the choices that you make? What could you change in order to help to discover your dreams? What could you do to have those dreams come true?

Is Quitting Worth It?

In Lisa’s case,  it absolutely was! She now has the freedom of being an entrepreneur and acquired the connection she was lacking in her previous position. Quitting your job or current path can be terrifying. It comes with a lot of anxiety since it is the unknown. It’s natural to be afraid. But if you feel there could me more for you out there, isn’t it worth it? I hope this interview inspires you to take the next steps in your journey to “Make the Leap” for yourself!

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