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Help! I Have Too Many Ideas For Content Creation!

Are you a Waterfall Content Creator?

Do you have any of these content creation SYMPTOMS?

  • You’ve got soooo many great ideas happening all the time and always happening RIGHT NOW!
  • Each idea begets another new idea - so you’ve got a filled-up brain, creating overwhelm & confusion because you think:

What should I say? 

I have all the things to say! 

- but I can’t say all the things all the time, right?!

Forget it. I’m exhausted already.

  • Your inability to sort through all the ideas & get ‘em into the world keeps you in frustration because it’s hard to take action when all of these ideas are swirling around your brain!

Basically you have no idea what to do with 

the deluge of ideas that you have!

Waterfall Creators have endless ideas crashing over them.

You might think this would make content creation EASIER for you, but I’ve found it’s quite the opposite:

For Waterfall Creators, it can be a nightmare to get those ideas OUT of their head & into the world

If this sounds like you, read on:

We’re gonna unpack your struggles & help you identify realistic, useful strategies to harness and get your ideas out into the world

Even if you have “too many ideas”!


You know that “All these ideas are gonna take me forever to write about!”

So you rarely make time to sit down & create - because hell…

When you finally DO IT, there's so much to think about or wade through, the thread or purpose of the piece can get lost. 


You create complex, all-encompassing pieces, because it’s been welling up for so long.

When you publish, your audience doesn't often connect or respond to it - for many possible reasons, mostly because they don’t have the capacity and or the piece may lack clarity…

NOT because your stuff isn’t intelligent or needed in the world!

But, frankly, you do often think, “Shit! Why am I bothering? My content gets ZERO traction!”

Frustration eventually takes over - and you wind up back in old patterns of your vibrant ideas living in your head to save the effort!

3 things to reduce your mental overload and get your ideas out there.

1. Take the perspective of your audience

It’s not your job to solve every problem for your audience with any piece of content!

In fact, remember: your audience cannot handle all the ideas you have to share at one time.

Not because they don’t need to know it, but because they don’t have capacity to absorb it.

Keep them out of overwhelm by remembering they don’t need as much from you (in one sitting) as you think!

Give yourself permission & put a sticky note somewhere nearby:


(PS - they don’t need everything from you HARD STOP, PERIOD.)

What’s one bite-size nugget you can share with them?

Consider this is doing your audience a favor - when they want more, when they can handle more, they come back for more!

For Waterfall Creators, decide on one small aspect of ALL they need to know, understand, or shift.

It doesn't have to be epic. Consider what I'm sharing with you here:

“Some people have lots of ideas and some people struggle with ideas.”

This is not Earth-shattering news! It’s kind of obvious, right?

All I’m doing is breaking it down, offering support, & connecting with you by describing exactly what’s going on in your head - and at your computer!

Your audience needs to hear about the things that connect with them, too.

Stop making content harder than it needs to be!

Get over the need to share all the ideas and solve all their problems at once.

2. Capture & sort in a Parking Lot 

Waterfall Creators are deluged with ideas all the time & feel the need to share them right now and all at once!

The problem? Your audience not only can't absorb it…

You probably can’t even get it all out of your head at once.

 That’s why using an ongoing, EASILY ACCESSIBLE document to capture any idea at any time is helpful for you Waterfall Creators -

It’s a Thought Parking Lot - giving you space to HOLD an idea for you for now…

 Then you can go back later & sort through it to stay focused, stay out of OVERDOING, and simplify simplify simplify!

Use your

  • Notes app. 
  • Siri, Alexa, or other magical listening device. 
  • Google Doc, index card, sticky notes.
  • Notebook or journal! 

Getting into the habit of sorting through & breaking down potential content ideas is vital if you’re a Waterfall Creator!

 Ready to wring the HELL out of your ideas? Better read #3 ⤵️

3. Use an Umbrella to simplify!

My Umbrella model helps you STOP over-speaking, over-writing, overdoing, & overthinking in your content marketing!

Here’s how it works: go into your idea document & choose one topic your audience really needs to hear right now.

Here’s an option almost everyone can use: What's a mistake the people in your audience always make or a question they ask all the time?

Then, we break that big Umbrella topic down into several smaller pieces and parse them out to your audience over a longer period of time in shorter content bites -

So they can absorb them and YOU can get more mileage out of them!

Which means less work for you and more engagement with your audience because they're able to absorb it.

How this works in real life:

For Nicole, who sells high quality, pre-loved authentic designer purses, her audience always wonders, “Why does authenticity matter when buying used luxury items?”

This Umbrella topic is a HUGE one - she has so much to teach people about it!

Instead of letting ALL the ideas about LUXURY ITEM AUTHENTICITY pour over her, we broke up the topic into FOUR SUBTOPICS:


  • What does authenticity even mean? Give background & clarity
  • Why does authenticity matter? Here's why you should care about it.
  • Myths vs. Facts of authentic used luxury brand
  • What to look for when you’re authenticating a luxury brand 


Breaking the UMBRELLA IDEA down allows you to take your time in parsing out the information…

Allowing you to express your philosophy & expertise,

While speaking directly to the concerns of your audience - without fire hosing them with too much information!

Think: fish food vs. fire hosing!

Imagine taking YOUR idea and breaking it into four (OR MORE!) pieces!

How much less work would that be for you?

Remind yourself that though you WANT to share all the things in one piece of content, you can’t because (remember #1?) your audience can’t absorb it anyway!

You’ll feel a lot more confident creating when you know your ideas can GO FARTHER!

Which helps you show up more frequently AND get more traction!

Some of my Waterfall Creator clients can get ten or twelve pieces of content from one idea they want to put out in the world.

Try this Umbrella method - get more mileage out of your content by choosing one idea for ONE audience and breaking it down into digestible pieces for them!

You’ll thank me and your audience will thank you because they’ll be able to follow along the thread with you.

It's win, win, win, win!!!

What’s one thing you could share with your audience right now?

Something they struggle with, a myth they believe, or a question they ALWAYS have?

Get that idea down! Then break it down into bite-sized nuggets!

If you LOVE this strategy of breaking your ideas up, you will LOVE this Customized Content Planner -

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Showing up in your content is non-negotiable these days - make it easier…

ESPECIALLY IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE ZERO IDEAS FOR CONTENT - and you’ll start developing a relationship with your audience…

So they can eventually convert to customers.

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