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Here’s exactly what your audience needs to hear

Uncategorized May 17, 2020

My perfect client, Betsy, has a big problem. She’s an expert. With a TONNNNNN of certifications, trainings, & experience.

What’s the problem? Well - No one really knows what Betsy does.

Her friends use air quotes when they talk about “her business”.

Her followers like her but wonder “Can she help me? Does she work with people like ME?”

She wants to make more money, but the clients don’t come…

So she stokes the fire on the story that she’s just not good at what she does.

She spends a whole weekend researching a Master Training that’ll cost $4700 & give her more information.


Here’s a secret:

Betsy does NOT need more training. Another certification. Or even a better business plan.

Her problem is NOT that she doesn’t know what she’s doing…
Her problem is that NO ONE out there knows what she’s doing!

She finds marketing tedious & time-consuming…

AND is afraid of being judged so…

She’s sporadic & inconsistent in her messaging.

Her audience? Mildly interested. Mostly confused.

Betsy could 100% be a badass in her business…. if she’d do TWO simple things:

  1. SHOW UP regularly for her business.
  2. BE CLEAR with a consumable message.

Why is she my perfect client? Because she has potential!

I work with women who’ve been in the shadows, lurking in the sidelines of their business.

Lurking…hinting…hiding - none of it gets you what you want.

I’ve learned that if you want a thriving business in 2020, you must be willing to be SEEN.

This is scary shit for most people.

They think, “What if someone judges me, hates on me, or rolls their eyes at me?”

And that’s a vulnerable place to be.

So - we hide> by taking more classes or getting more certifications.

Or we pretend it doesn’t matter that we run our business like a hobby

Or that our friends put air quotes around “her business”.

I want you to know that it’s ok if running your business is about MORE than money for you.

I know you want to help & serve people.

You deserve to make money for that. You deserve to have ease around it.

It’s easy to get lost in the business of running a business.

 “They” tell you there’s so much to “have to do” to “get leads” & “find prospects” -

You’re probably frustrated because that feels shitty.

So - Solution 1:

Stop thinking of people “leads”. That doesn’t feel good to you. They’re not wallets to you, right?

They’re humans suffering with pain that you can help with!

Remember they’re your audience & are dying to hear from you -


Solution 2:

Stop the fuzzy, intermittent, unclear marketing -

Stop hiding.

Your audience deserves to know if you’re the person to help them!

They want to know how to get results!

Hinting doesn’t work well for your audience…

In fact, hinting doesn’t work well for ANYONE > not your partner, spouse, children, or your best friend.

That content you put out? It has to stir up something inside your audience so they know whether you’re their person!

Have you mastered YOUR message so it can resonate with your client?

Do you know what your audience needs to hear? What they’re thinking? What they’re feeling?

I’d bet you DO - and I can teach you HOW to use that knowledge to HELP them.

Let’s get you off the roller coaster of “Is today the day I get a new client?”

Let me help you get your message out into the world - because you’re the only one who can say it exactly in your YOU kind of way!

This is the last call for the Customized Content Solution Workshop.

Starting Tuesday, 5/19,  I’m teaching entrepreneurs just like you how to go from confused & overwhelmed

to focused & productive in your content creation & marketing!

You’ll walk away with 2 main things:

  1. A vault of content - YOUR content, not canned prompts, to use everywhere in your business. This makes it so much easier to know WHAT to say & how to say it. 
  1. A system to implement right away. Stop wondering HOW to put content out there - because you’ll have a PLAN.

This won’t be offered again LIVE until the fall, when the price will be much higher.

I believe this work is the KEY for you, - it’s the hurdle that when you get over, business will feel SO different!

Register at

Xo, Jen


TL;DR - Does your audience KNOW how you can help them? Is your marketing sporadic or fuzzy? It doesn’t have to be this hard. Join the Customized Content Solution workshop here. Create personalized content to use over the next 90 days AND learn a system so you can connect with your audience & grow your income! 🌱

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