How I learned to like how I look in pictures

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2021

The details are fuzzy - but as I waited in a NYC airport to hop on my teensy plane back to Syracuse - 

a woman named Amy from Iowa approached me with, “Are you Jen Liddy?”

Maybe you’re a famous person or an influencer used to people recognizing you via your content…

But THIS had never happened to me!

I finally understood the power of pictures. 🤯

It’s been kind of painful to let myself be visible - because I’m not perfect, famous, or a model.

I’d spend years hiding in plain sight in my content - even though I felt ok putting my message out there (though words can be scary, too - )

But - photos? Ugh - <shudders>

  • In my first business - a fitness studio - I hid behind photos of clients. It made sense to share pics of members working out!
  • In my next business - coaching - I hid behind Canva visuals, memes, & inspirational quotations. 

Last week I talked about how hiding keeps us small - in business & confidence.

I was tired of playing small. How ‘bout you?

So how exactly did I gain the confidence to let myself be seen?  

This may feel counter-intuitive to you, but here it is: I consistently took & looked at photos of myself.

ImPeRFECt photos. I told myself, “This is how I look” without judging it.

(Yeah - it took a LOT of practice.)

Want to generate confidence? 

  1. Take a lot of photos of yourself. 
  2. Don’t make them perfect. 
  3. Look at them all the time

Normalize seeing yourself UNposed, IMperfect, NORMAL.

This is how we see you, except with kinder, gentler, accepting eyes than you have for your own image!

Your audience, friends, family, community,….we already love who you are - and as a by-product of that - we love how you look. 

You don’t have to be __________ (fill in your own blanks) for your audience to love you.

I’d fill in my blanks with wanting to be smaller, thinner, prettier.

I spent 40+ years wishing for that. 😩

You’re not a model - nor do you have to be one.

The most powerful thing I’ve done to grow my business, create content consistently, & - most importantly - start accepting myself - is to simply LOOK at myself all the time. 

Do I love every picture? Hahahahaha! OMG. NOPE. 

(I should do a whole series on pictures of myself I can’t stand. That would be highly amusing!)

Doing this has helped me claim who I am - and there’s so much peace in that.

Creating content is already a pain in the ass to you - 

Your hiding is making it worse.

In the Content Creator’s Studio, our conversations, coaching calls, & trainings on this topic are making an impact

Because I’m starting to see my members’ beautiful, real faces show up on posts & in emails. They’re even starting to do videos! 😳

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Xo, Jen


TL;DR: The power of visibility is NO JOKE - want success & growth? You need to be SEEN.

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