HOW she made the leap - and why she never went back... ft. Colleen Commisso

Dec 12, 2018

This teacher knew she needed to do something different to get her family out of a financial sitch. So she started a side hustle...and what it turned into blew her mind.

Colleen Commisso will tell you today HOW she made the leap - and why she never went back...

We also cover what to do when EVERYONE around you is telling you "they don't get what you're doing". do you not listen to that?

Want something MORE for yourself? So did Colleen! Learn HOW she did it - because she'll tell you the TRUTH.

Meet Colleen Commisso

Colleen Commisso has been on quite the career journey. She started out as fourth-grade teacher to the direct marketing field, and then started her own business living her entrepreneur dream! For 16 years, she was teacher and she really loved her job! There were a ton of benefits in her eyes, but kept having the thought “There is something else”. There was an itch that she couldn’t scratch.

She wasn’t looking for a new career, and then she was approached for an opportunity for a Multi-Level Marketing company. She hadn’t considered this in the past, but the chance for some side cash and to pay off debt was appealing. With no background in sales, she was still able to join a business that has grown in an amazing way! This particular business put a lot of emphasis into personal growth, and from there she discovered a new sense of confidence and drive for business.

She went on to gain a certification in Positive Psychology. She saw so many people who had all the skills to be successful but something was keeping them from doing it. She wanted the ability to help people to see how they can maneuver through teh challenges that lifes presents so that they can culitivate success in their life too! 

It wasn’t an easy road. There were definitely moments of self-doubt and resistance from those around her. Still, she was able to escape debt, create a new lifestyle for her family, and allow for more quality time. She created a sense of financial safety for her family and found a new sense of accomplishment in her new career.

Be sure to check her out on Instagram, Facebook, and her company Brass Rings! She’s an amazing woman accomplishing incredible things in her life!

Take Charge of Your Life

What holds you back from doing the things that could really improve your life? Do you feel that there are opportunities that present themselves to you and something is blocking you from doing it?

Sometimes we can get comfortable in the monotonous rhythm of our jobs and our lives. Everyday we know exactly what we’re going to do and what is expected from us. But if you find that there is something poking you in the back of your mind saying that “You could do more”, isn’t it time to make a change?

You can feel safe where you’re at right now. Having job security, especially when you have a family, is important, but what if you could have more than that? If you could do more than scrape by?

Be sure to watch our talk together to gain insight into how we changed our lives and find the inspiration to improve yours!

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