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How to Create a Better Introduction - and why you need one!

Uncategorized May 10, 2020

Back in the day, my hubs was an exec - and I never LIKED the idea of his business-building nonsense.

Remember, I was a teacher: Go to school. Come home. Grade papers. The end. 

He’d “have to” go out for drinks, dinner, or golf tournaments. 

I’d roll my eyes HARD. He’d say, “Jen! This is business. What do you think what happens out there? We’re building relationships.”

Complete BS to me. It made me want to stick out my tongue & blow a raspberry. Sometimes it made me want to stick a fork in my eye.

Or in his eye. Or in his boss’s eye, really.

ANYHOO - now? I get it.

If you’re not building relationships, you’re not building a business.

Doing it via golf is my personal version of hell.

But there are TONS of ways to build relationships online & in real life: networking groups, memberships, coffees, conversations, masterminds, messages, etc.

I belong to a monthly networking group that’s been a powerful way to build relationships and my business…

At the end of each meeting, we stand up & briefly introduce ourselves to the other 50 - 70 women in the room.

I’m never nervous, but I am mindful about it - I don’t want to screw it up.

Because no matter HOW you build relationships, there’s ONE thing we all need to work on:


I listen monthly as many women - established & new to business - stumble through their introduction!

Some ramble on - giving too much information to the point where people stop listening.

Others are vague - failing to give a clear sense of who she helps or what she does.

Some would rather be invisible: this is the worst part of the evening for them. It’s painful to watch because they have so much value to share but don’t know what to say.

Others are…how can I say this? Like a sprinkler gone mad. They say, “I do THIS and HIS but I really want to be doing THAT and so the next version of my business will be THIS….”

Listeners can’t handle all that & tune out.

CLARITY is the number one thing I teach my students & clients about growing their business.

Entrepreneurs are enthusiastically creative people. They want to share ALL THE THINGS with you.

Because they can help! Entrepreneurs solve problems.

When you stand up in front of a group OR you’re in a conversation with one other person, you want them to UNDERSTAND who you are, what you do, who you help…

You want them nodding their heads & saying, “Oh wow! I know the exact person you could help! My sister needs to talk to you!”

or “You just described my best friend!”

Or “WHOA - my business partner struggles with that! I’M GONNA give her your card!”

But when you stand up in front of a group of people &

  • Fumble for what to say
  • Say too much
  • Say too little
  • Confuse your audience…

You’ve lost an amazing opportunity.

Guess what? Your introduction - your “pitch”…

Your BIO - Your profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram…

Your ABOUT PAGE on your website.

It’s all CONTENT.

Stop thinking that content = social media.

How do you pitch yourself?
How do you describe who you help?
How do you share your offers?

All of it is “content” - social media is simply one aspect of it.

Want to grow your business? It’s time to nail down your content.

Sometimes you can’t see what’s in your way because of the LAYERS in your head about all the aspects of your business.

And if you’re overwhelming, fire-hosing, or confusing your audience - or simply NOT giving them enough information -


That’s why I built the 4-week Customized Content Solution workshop. IN it, you’ll learn how to create a foundation of messaging that will help you gain clarity on

  • WHO you help
  • WHAT they need to hear from you
  • HOW to show up regularly for them

Then, sharing your intro, your bio, your pitch, and your business is SO MUCH EASIER!

Join us - because everything in your business is based on the clarity of the message you share,

from your website,
to your blogs, articles, & podcasts,
to your social posts,
and your verbal communications!

This program will be offered this time LIVE, then not again until the Fall, when it will be at a higher price point! Grab your seat.

Please stop thinking people don’t want to hear from you. Your ideal client is literally WAITING for you to share with her how YOU help her!

Don’t hide it from her. Be clear & share your brilliance.

Xo, Jen

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