How to magnetize your just-right audience

Mar 21, 2021

I’ve put off writing this article, but I HAVE to tell you this TRUTH about content creation:

You want to REPEL people.

“WHAT!? Jen, you literally spend all your time telling me how to ATTRACT an audience.”

Yes, but stick with me:  we WANT to repel people with our content - 

because it’s the fastest way to get RID of those we’re not a good fit for!

(Or who aren’t a good fit for us!)

It sounds horrible, right?: REPEL YOUR AUDIENCE.

Hear me out: When you’re about to press PUBLISH, there’s likely a person out there who you think of that makes you cringe & think

UGGGG, what will 

__insert name of random high school frenemy who’s not my ICA but reads what I write - and will likely find what I say uninteresting or irrelevant__


The one that makes your brain twist & worry, 

What will Ginger from 10th grade gym class with Mr. Dunbar think of THIS? 

Uggggg….should I say it?


She will never buy from you. Her silent judgments inside your mind will not pay your mortgage or car payments.

Let Ginger go! Repel her, with love.

This Seth Godin quotation says it all: 



Be so good attracting & magnetizing the just-right-for-you audience members with your content that the eye-rollers DO NOT MATTER.

Build your empire & chuckle at those you’ve repelled as you take your 3rd vacation this year - paid for by YOUR BUSINESS!

Simply be RID of the people you’re not a good fit for.

It’s vital for your CONTENT HEALTH that you only hold people in your mind who you can SERVE when you create content!

Do you like to swear? CURSE AWAY! People who don’t like it will UNSUB.

Do you love God? Talk about Him! Allow those not into it to UNFOLLOW.

Are you vegan? PREACH! The meat-eaters can decide for themselves what to do!

Are you spiritual? Let your WOO FLAG FLY!! 🏳

Will people judge you for being YOU? & having a strong VOICE?

YES! Yes, they will. 100% Fer Sher.
Accept it. Let ‘em be repelled.

Now, PHEW! You can STOP WASTING YOUR DANG TIME holding the Gingers from 10th grade in your mind, worrying, holding back in your content creation.

Here’s how you can magnetize your just-right audience

  • Speak clearly - with vigor - about what you are & who you help.
  • Be who you are. Let your audience see it. Tell stories. Give examples. Help them in advance of paying you with your amazing content!
  • Release anyone not into it. They’re not your people - and probably never will be.

Let ‘em go, with love. Suddenly your content just got a shit-ton more interesting, my friend.

That’s the content your perfect-audience-member wants to sop up with a biscuit.

Serve it up! YUM> Delish💛

Xo, Jen

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