How to Make Content Simpler to Create

Mar 14, 2021

It’s not their fault, but it can be annoying.

What’s “it”? 

“It” is the fact that your audience isn’t always ready to hear certain things you want to say to them…

Say you’re a sales coach - 

You know the reason clients have trouble selling offers is 💯% due to scarcity stories or worthiness issues their brain subconsciously recorded as children.

You know their challenges will NOT improve until they commit to deeply unpacking limiting thoughts 

& shift their identity around a scarcity mindset.

THEN they’ll learn how to LOVE sales - because it won’t feel like selling at all. 

WHEW!! Imagine dropping that on someone in a pretty little Insta post!

Is your audience READY for that? Do they have enough context for their brain to make sense of it?

Our audiences are on a journey: some further ahead; others not even aware there’s a problem, much less ready for your solution!

That’s why we’ve gotta know: 

  1. WHO’s in the seats of our audience
  2. WHERE they are on their customer readiness journey

Meet them where they are & bring ‘em along, speaking their language.

Your content might fall FLAT because it doesn’t resonate…


Or you bring up points they’re not willing to admit to themselves


Content creation feels like a HEAVY LIFT for you if your audience is

a little bit afraid of what you’re saying
not ready to admit it to themselves
nowhere near ready to admit it to the world?

Understand these nuances & everything in your business gets easier, especially at the CONTENT CONSUMER STAGE!

How to make content simpler to create and easier to CONSUME: 

KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE better than they know themselves.

What they’re ready to hear 👍🏽 - and what they’re not?

Which words resonate - and which fall flat?

Which topics are 🔥 - and which keep them scrolling or deleting?

Meet ‘em where they are NOW. 

(Not where you WANT them to be.)

I’m teaching these nuanced HOWs next month in a LIVE training called: 

Say This, Not That: What to say so your audience will actually listen.

When I learned this concept, I got immense clarity and could stop wasting time & energy on what didn’t work. 

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Xo, Jen

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