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How To Stop Doing It Wrong & Wasting Time

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Maybe you can relate to this problem.

Last week, I had a client say to me, I have been talking to the wrong people, and I've been wasting my content on people who... I'm speaking to the wrong people.

And another client told me, the people that like my stuff, they like it, but they're never going to buy from me.

So I'm clearly talking to the wrong people.

And then somebody else told me today, I just can't even get an email list going.

Nobody is really resonating with what I'm saying.

And so all of these people felt really frustrated because they're like, I've been putting content out and nothing has been happening.

And how I wasted my time.

And what do I do now that I've wasted my time?

And I want you to know you haven't wasted time every single time you put something out in the world, and it either works or doesn't work.

That is information for you.

It's nothing to judge yourself about.

It's no reason to bash yourself over the head and gnash your teeth about all the time you wasted.

It's literally information.

If what you're saying isn't resonating with people, it just means you have to tweak your audience, tweak the words that you're using, or tweak what you're offering.

It doesn't mean you have to start from scratch.

It doesn't mean everything you have sucks.

And so today, I was actually meeting with my new members in my Content Creator studio membership. One-on-one, 15 minute little calls.

And it was like to me, I learned so much about what they need. And in my head, I will tell you, I was fearful it wasn't giving them enough inside the new membership.

I was afraid I wasn't giving them enough training and enough content.

But it turns out they need less.

They're all overwhelmed.

They're at that nexus of like, I have to do a website, and I have to do a sales page, but they can't even get the right words to speak to their audience.

So if you feel like you've been wasting time, I want to give you this hint today.

You're not wasting time.

Remember, it's just information.

But more importantly than anything is, are you speaking the words that your audience actually needs to hear?

And what I have found is most people are experts, and they're speaking way up here.

They're speaking their expert speaker.

They're speaking their coach speaker.

They're speaking their jargon.

They know what their audience needs, but they forget to meet their audience down here, which is where their audience is.

We meet our audience right here.

By the time we've worked with them, they're up here.

What does your audience want?

What words is your audience using to complain about their issue or when they wake up in the morning?

What's the first thing that they think about with this issue?

What words are they using?

Because I'm finding my people are using words that don't resonate.

So, for example, if you use the word ritual, but that's never a word that your audience member would use, don't use that word.

It's never going to resonate with them.

Maybe habit would resonate better.

Or if you use the word healing, but your audience does not resonate with that word, then you should try the word recovery.

You have to figure out what words your people are Googling to describe their problem.

And then you need to make a bucket full of those words, and you need to talk to those words in your content.

Have you wasted time?


You've been gathering information.

And if you have not yet done interviews with your people to get inside their heads, you're missing the most wonderful, amazing way to get marketing goals.

If you haven't done that yet, don't beat yourself up.

I would say 95% of my clients come to me.

Actually, I'm gonna say 99% of my clients have not done this yet.

And if they have done it, they haven't done it fully enough.

So I'm going to say, please talk to your people.

But I want you to know you haven't wasted your time.

You can stop beating yourself up.

And rather than worrying about all the things that you have to do for your content in your business, just get really narrow and start to understand your audience's language that they're using.

Because my guess is you're speaking here, and they're here, and we have to close that chasm.

So meet them where they are.

That is the number one gift you can not only give to your audience, but you can also give to yourself.

If you feel like you don't know what your audience is thinking and the words that they're using, and here is a free resource to make it super easy.

The only thing it will take you is effort.

I promise. 

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