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How to Use Your Content in the Wild: where messaging, networking, & relationships intersect!

Why, on a podcast about content marketing, would we be talking NETWORKING?

‘Cuz ev.ree.thing converges!

Think about how your message & brand personality shows up online. That’s easy to imagine, right?

But anytime you go ANYWHERE and you meet people…formally or informally -

You are networking. Connecting. Building relationships - and if you're not clear in your content & messing..

EYES will glaze.
Opportunities will be missed.

And as my guest today - networking expert & coach Siobhán Fitzpatrick says,

“It’s not who you know. It's not who knows you. It's who knows what you know!”

That’s why today we’re diving into bringin’ your content offline & into the WILD of real life!

Siobán shares with us:

WHY networking at all. Because…really? Do we have to?

HOW your messaging & personal brands matter to people who want to work with those they LIKE & TRUST.

WHAT to do about all this stuff if you’re an introvert & easily exhausted by networking.

How to do all this in a way that WORKS FOR YOU!

(You know that’s my 100% jam! We’ve GOT TO make it work for us!)

So - listen in. (Plus, Siobhán has the loveliest Irish accent and I promise you will be swooning at her voice. Her approach to connecting, relationship-building, and networking is so lovely and refreshing!)

Try out Siobhán’s global networking group for free (I’ll be there!) at

You can also follow her for tips & insights at


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