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Marketing Gold is the key to content that connects.

I’m living with a teenager and nothing makes sense anymore.

Conversations are--- Wait. 

I’m gonna put air quotes around the word “conversation”.

“Conversations” are brief, stilted exchanges, often unsatisfying, and nothing’s straightforward

Me: Did you get invited someplace? Wanna go? 
Him: “Maybe.” -shrug-

Me: Wanna invite a friend over? Go to the game? 
Him: “Maybe.” -shrug-

Him: “I. Don’t. Know. Yet.” - Note his annoyance & exasperation at me.


Why is it so hard to decide anything!? Why the agonizing back & forth, the “I dunno” default to everything!?


So last night, on a 10:15pm dog walk, he spelled it out for me: 

“Mom! You don’t understand the 17 layers of invisible social politics that high schoolers have to deal with every day! 

Nothing is just an easy YES or NO!” 

Yes, he really said that. Well-stated, right?

He said, “Teenagers aren’t LIKE you. No one just says what they think.”

Riiiiiiight. At 51 years old, I put up with very little nonsense. I speak directly, have zero problem saying no, & don’t understand drama.

Shit. I forgot all this about being a teenager. 

I forgot the posturing & worrying & subtle BS required to maneuver through everyday life for teens & tweens.

I forgot how one wrong move can bring down your social standing. 

How much rides on all of it - the potential devastation.

I grew up without computers, internet, and certainly social media. The stakes were high in the 80s and I screwed up A LOT.

1986 ⤵️: How 'bout that Limited Express matchy matchy number & the "I HATE YOU SO MUCH" face?

But the stakes now? WHOA. 

So much worse. Yes, he’s savvier & smarter than I was. He’s socially aware and emotionally mature. But the stakes are high for these kiddos.

But I forgot.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Two reasons:

1. Remember your audience is suffering with something you’ve probably overcome. 

Remember what it felt like to be back there? ALL THE DETAILS & suffering & pain of it? 

Remember what you wanted to stop feeling, being, having, or doing?

Meet your audience where THEY are. 

Not where YOU are, where you WANT them to be, or where you KNOW they could be.

Are you bringing this to your content?

2. Want to make your content better? Listen to your audience. Do a LOT of research - ask, notice, take verbatim notes. 

Shhhh. Listen. Their words are your MARKETING GOLD.

Like, “17 layers of invisible social politics”. << Pffffft! I’d never have come up with that. HE NAILED IT.


You think you already know your audience, and you do! AND there’s SO much more to learn!

If you want to make your content more relatable, easier to consume, and stuff your audience can’t wait to see come through their devices every week - 

Get the GOODS straight from them.

What are they SAYING? How are they saying it? 

How to do it? BOOM shaka laka laka! Right here in my step-by-step guide 

How to get inside the mind of your audience.

Go to page 10 for a short training where I take you step by step into HOW to do this.  

Having the exact words & insights from your audience WIL change your marketing content!

I don’t care WHICH platforms you’re on - or which socials you choose.

You have to speak to your audience with the words that resonate with them. 

MIRROR it back to them - I call it MARKETING GOLD.

Allllllll my clients do this work - and the GOLD they get? PHEW! They are SO GRATEFUL afterward!

Download this PDF guide.

I’m telling you: THIS IS HOW YOU level up your content.

Xo, Jen

PS: Ack! I didn’t even wish you Happy New Year! Here’s to crushing your goals in 2022. My goal is to IMPLEMENT everything I know & cross the finish line with health, wealth, & abundance!

You? Do you have a word or goal? Comment & let me know - I’d love to hear your take on New Years!

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