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I’ve already failed in the New Decade

I’ll be honest with you, friend. I could NOT get my shit together at the end of 2019.

Yea, yea - it was holidays. All the family things. Gifts to buy & wrap. And travel.

So much distraction & overwhelm.

I spent a lot of time comparing myself to what other people were doing, and that sucked a lot of time and energy.

It also just sucked.

Then The Plague struck our household. No one could breathe through their nose, complete a task, or sleep through the night.

And for the first time in 16 months, I did not record a podcast. It would’ve been my first of 2020.

I had no voice. No energy. Or time.

Was I disappointed in myself? Of course, but I knew I wouldn’t put out a quality product.

So here it is - 2020. And I’m already behind, right? I’ve already failed, right?

Everyone’s in my inbox, my news feed, and on TV saying,

GET CLEAR in 2020!! Get clarity in 2020!

Are you ready for 2020? Goodbye, you sucky 2019!!

I’m not here for that.

I’m not buying the bullshit that I’m already behind. That I’ve already failed.

Maybe you - like me - don’t feel perfectly ready for not only a new year, but A NEW DECADE!

OMG, It’s a new EVERYTHING!! And I’m supposed to have my shit together.

But I don’t have my shit together - YET!

So I’m dropping in to tell you - it’s OK if you don’t have all your shit together yet.

If you’re unsure exactly about HOW to get there.

If you don’t have your WORD. Your intention. A resolution. Goal.

Frankly, I’m still dealing with The Plague my family got over the holidays, and not only am I lacking in my WORD…

I’m also lacking in motivation. And in a VOICE! I can barely talk!

If you’re anything like me, all of this talk about Clarity in 2020 has you feeling a little behind. “Less than.”

All around me, people know exactly what they want this year. Some of them even know HOW they’re going to get there!

But not me.

I still feel a little fuzzy.

Maybe you feel it too. Maybe you’re panicking saying to yourself,

“I know I want something a little different. (Or maybe even a lot different). But I’m not sure how to get there.”

“Don’t I need to do it NOW? To harness this energy of January 2020?”


HELL NO! Any day is a good day to start.

Just because the calendar page has turned doesn't mean that clarity is guaranteed. There’s nothing wrong with you taking time to figure it out.

Throughout this month, I’ll share strategies to help you get a little clearer.

But today, I just want you to love up on yourself.

I understand how hard that is.

For the past 6 weeks, I’ve had moments of clarity, but mostly I’m wandering around thinking about what I want.

And I’m just not quite sure YET. And that makes me panic inside.

But the panic goes away because I have faith in myself. I know I will figure it out. I will use my tools and be kind to myself.

I will get there.


If you’re feeling any of this low-grade panic, let me re-assure you that you’re right on time.

Give yourself the gift of believing it WILL happen. You can make it happen. On your own timeline.

If you’ve got your shit together, and you’re ready to bound into 2020, I 100% applaud you.

I’m truly so happy for you!

For the rest of us on the struggle bus with me, show up here for the rest of the month. I’ll share tools to help you move forward.

But for now, stop comparing & despairing.

Stop the panic.

Breathe & dream a little about where you’re headed. We’ll get there, my friend.


Xo, Jen

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