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I've made this much & I can make it again

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2020

We’d been on the phone for almost 2 hours -

I’d never done anything like this before, & frankly, I was scared, deep down.

Kweku Riverson, a coach who works with his wife Jessica, was explaining how their coaching program I was interested in worked.

It was exactly what I needed to bust open my business - but I was fixated on the price. I’d never invested in myself at this level -

It was a $5000 program for 10 weeks. I knew it was valuable.

But I didn’t trust myself.

Didn’t trust I’d be able to implement what I learned.

Or that I could make back the investment.  At that time I was charging FAR less than my value - and far less than market prices.

Because I DIDN’T trust myself.

The thing was, I trusted Kweku - at the beginning of our call he told me to guess how to spell his name, and I was woefully off!

We talked about Ghana, his original home, and…

WE LAUGHED> a lot.

Though I knew this was a sales call, it felt more like a conversation.

I don’t know how this man had so much patience with me to talk with me (not at me) for 2 hours…

but over the last 3 years of knowing him, I’ve seen him be infinitely patient with clients, Facebook morons, and white people.

He said at the end of the call, ‘Jen - let’s break the payments up for you. We can do 3 payments of $1667. It actually comes out to be three dollars less than if you paid up front!’

And we laughed again.

I opened my bank account - my OWN business bank account which I’d been squirreling money into for months - and there was $1767 in there.

I had enough for the first payment!

I didn’t have to run it by my husband (a GIANT limiting belief I had at the time) and could pay for it with money I’d already earned!

In that moment, I could’ve said, “This will only leave me with $10 in there.”

Instead I said, “Wow! I have enough and actually have 10 dollars left over!”

I trusted myself - and said, “I don’t know how, but if I’ve made this much already, I can make it again.”

I never missed a payment - and more than tripled my investment before the program was over.

Self-trust is scary. Maybe right now, you feel like you don’t trust yourself so say the ‘right’ thing or ‘do’ the right thing.

I get it - self-trust requires us to take chances on ourselves - and I don’t know about you -


I’ve cheated on myself a WHOLE lot.

How likely would you be to trust someone who’s let you down as many times as you’ve let yourself down?

Right now is not a time to let yourself down. It’s not a time to hide.

It’s a time to trust - to trust that you know what the next step is for you -

Maybe for you it’s

  • speaking out overtly against racism
  • reading a book to learn a different perspective
  • following some new thought leaders on the socials
  • going to a local protest
  • donating to a cause to promote anti-racism.
  • knowing WHAT to say to your own audience - in a way that feels like you.

Yesterday I spent time with Kweku - he’s in Seattle, but he’s captivating on video. I watched & listened to him take the time to educate me - a white, spiritual, privileged woman, who’s not sure what to say or do right now.

If YOU are looking for education…


And a little humor (He’s funny as hell with several ‘Brace yourself for this information, white people’ moments)..

Please watch his video. Share it if you’re moved. 

Kweku has read this message & gave me permission to share it with you.

If you want to know what to do next for you -

In your life
In your business
In your community
In your country -

Ask for help.

There are so many experts out there on whatever it is you need to do to get to the next level for yourself.

Most importantly: trust yourself. Stop BEATING YOURSELF UP. Stop worrying about whether will people roll their eyes or unfollow you or unsubscribe or make a nasty comment.


Let them go.

Stop sacrificing your self-trust - and take action.

If you have questions, resources, or education for me - forward it over! I answer all my own emails and am happy to listen to you.



TL;DR:  My friend Kweku taught me some shit I never knew this week. He’s prolific and will help you feel educated - which promotes self trust!~. Watch his video here

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