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I Was Beyond Stuck - 8 Years of a Backward Slide!

You ever do the “I don't wanna…” dance with yourself?

  • I don’t wanna go to that party…
  • I don’t wanna go to the gym…
  • I don’t wanna take that risk.

That “I don’t wanna” feeling?

It’s called resistance. I’m exploring this idea this month, sharing what resistance looks like, how it keeps us stuck, and what to do about it!

Let me start with a ridiculous example of resistance in my own life…

It started in 2011, when I had a recurring rash around my mouth for MONTHS. I’d gone to the doctor and the dermatologist, but nothing would touch it.

A friend recommended a functional nutritionist - which is someone who examines how food affects your whole system, including the brain/gut connection. Not just calories in/calories out.

This is an expert who understands that what you’re eating not only affects body composition, but every other system in your body.

Food as the source of my problem? Well, I desperately wanted this horrible rash on my face to go away,

I really wanted that outcome, so I was totally open to trying this new approach. No resistance there.

Turns out: lots of food was causing me lots of different problems - stuff I hadn’t even really started noticing yet.

Beyond the rash on my face was my insomnia and exhaustion, my weight, and my high level of irritability.

Georgia - my nutritionist - ran a lot of tests, read through my bloodwork thoroughly, and put me on a protocol that was heavy on veggies & lean meat…

And worst of all…

She took bread out of my diet. Gluten, she said, was a problem for me.

I’d never heard of gluten before… (remember this is 2011 - the gluten-free lifestyle had not yet been absorbed into the mainstream!)

…and I was PISSED.

So upset! I’d grown up on bread & pasta; they were staples in my family’s diet too! And - worst of all - I found great comfort in breads, bagels, pasta, crackers, etc. etc. etc.

This is the part I remember VIVIDLY: I saw Georgia for the first time right before Christmas, December 2011.

And here were the thoughts in my head:


  • If I do what she suggests, I’m going to ruin my Christmas! I’ll ruin all my chances to enjoy the parties!


  • This will ruin our trip to Florida! I won’t be able to eat whatever I want to.


  • I was - to put it mildly- RESISTANT to her suggestions for me! In fact, I was having a full-blown toddler tantrum inside my head!

That tantrum led me to some really harmful thoughts. And I came to the conclusion that this was all bullshit. I adopted the belief that she could not really help me.

These changes were far too extreme.

I refused to believe that giving up this “gluten” was going to change anything.

So I resisted it…and here’s what it looked like:

Resentment settled over me. In fact, I had a deep relationship with the resentment.

What’ll it be like to eat without bread? Is it even WORTH eating? I mean - where is the JOY? Where is the comfort?

I’ll tell you what - talking to other people about it didn’t help this situation, either. They’d learn what I was trying, and they’d say, “OMG. I could NEVER go without bread! I’d never be able to do it!”

And I bought into that - I thought, Well, if they don't have to do it, why do I have to? Why is this happening to me? This isn’t FAIR. This is too HARD. Waaaaaaahhhhhhh….

I did that for a long time - had a little love affair with my resentment.

Ultimately, I resisted going gluten-free for 18 months. I negotiated with myself, playing dumb & hiding my eating. My rash would get better & I’d lose a few pounds, only to go back to old habits.

The rash would come back. So would the weight.

Then 18 months in, it got so bad I had to go to an Endocrinologist who confirmed for me that I was not only sensitive to gluten. I now had Celiac Disease. And was pre-diabetic.

That’s not even staying STUCK. That’s a friggin’ backward SLIDE!

I could go on & on with the story of my digestive tract, but it suffices to say that now, 8 years later, I am not only gluten-free, but totally grain-free. Yes, it sucks and yes it’s hard. But it’s the reality.

And it’s still a choice.

And that CHOICE makes my life better.

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