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I WAS BIT BY A SCORPION! But it taught me an important lesson…


A couple of weeks ago, I went on vacation but after talking with my friend realized I hadn’t told people. Now, I want to let everyone know that I am fine, but what I learned from this experience is much more interesting than the details of my scorpion bite.

Why did I bury the LEAD??

I was talking to a friend about my vacation and she asked me “Why didn’t you lead with that!?!? Why didn’t you tell me for 15 minutes that you had been bitten by a scorpion?”

I realized at that moment that it was the drama of the vacation. It was the dramatic story that a lot of people would lead with.

The truth was that the scorpion did bite me. My foot did look horrendous. But that wasn’t what I focused on this trip. Instead, we went to a doctor, found a solution, and continued our vacation.

Is drama keeping you from enjoying an experience?

I could have spent my vacation obsessing over the fact I’d been bitten by a scorpion and that my foot looked hideous. But I didn’t. Instead, we dealt with the problem, then continued to enjoy our time. When I came back from vacation, the scorpion was not the story I told enthusiastically. It was simply a side note on an otherwise amazing experience.

Instead of focusing on the drama, I’ve realized that I have gotten better at focusing on the positives of the experience, rather than the negative. This for me is a HUGE growth, especially in business development!

I used to love the retelling of a dramatic story. But it kept me from enjoying my time.

It takes time to focus on the negative and only focus on problems - particularly when we're starting to create our business.

It keeps us from reaching the goals that we've outlined for ourselves. It can keep you from creating a beneficial relationship, finding the dream job, or starting that new business that you're dying to bring to life.

I want you to move forward this year - in your business and in your life.

I want you to master your time and get your goals accomplished!

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That feels SO DAMN GOOD!

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