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Is The Race To "Six-Figures" Worth it?

When you log onto social media, you can be bombarded with tons of messaging about how "you can make it to six-figures". Everyone scrambling, and hustling to get to this magical number that's representative of their income. 

They preach what's GOING to work for you. 

The perfect business plan. 

The perfect strategy. 

The perfect niche. 

But, when I see this stuff I end up feeling a little empty. 

The truth is I run a business that I love. It allows me to do the work that I do and live the life that I want. 

If I'm racing to six-figures, am I really living the life that I want? 

Would I have the quality of life that I currently have? 

The truth is, I don't want a six-figure business if it means I have to sacrifice the enjoyment of my day. 

Success is going to look different for all of us. I have clients that just want to make their dream real and to help people. 



If you'd like to hear more of my thoughts be sure to watch the video below. 


If you want a large scale business with tons of revenue flow, I'm happy to help you get there. 

But I'm also giving you permission to do what you love and not get obsessed with the race to six-figures. 

If you're feeling the pressure I urge you to filter your social media, to avoid those kinds of messages. That pressure isn't serving you if it's just causing you anxiety and driving you away from your initial goal. 

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