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Leverage LinkedIn's Untapped Potential (without the snooze factor)

Has LinkedIn made you yawn with its slog of dry job postings and phony baloney "congratulations" messages? 

(Just me then? Okay.)

Well, in case you're LinkedIn curious but aren't sure whether it's worth it…

Listen to this episode of Content Creation Made Easy where guest Tania Bhattacharyya shares her insights as a LinkedIn strategist, a personal brand messaging expert & storytelling enthusiast who owns Lumos Marketing. 


  1. She saves us from the LI snooze factor with storytelling that breaks away from corporate jargon & industry speak. 

You'll walk away inspired to weave a well-woven tale in your 'About' section & bring your profile to life.

  1. With that done, you'll learn the ins & outs of building real connections and a supportive network that go beyond BS likes. It's engagement that matters here.
  2. Lastly, Tania shares deep insights about navigating shyness & other limitations to instead craft a genuine presence that's impactful.


One more thing! Apparently LinkedIn is a huuuuugely untapped platform, with only 5% of its users engaging on it!


So, there is space for you here - Tania's episode will help you make it your own.

Tania jokes that she's "LinkedIn monogamous" & uses the platform effectively as her playground. Find her there at

or at Lumos Marketing at


After listening, I'm curious: Is LinkedIn the right place for YOU to plant your flag and grow your audience this year?

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