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No More Negative Feelings About Money & Pricing

He opened the car door, a huge grin on his beautiful face. “They paid me an extra 20 dollars because I showed up early today!”

Jack - 14 & usually too cool to smile at anything - had been dropped off to work a measly 15 minutes early because…

a) Dunkin’s drive-thru was shockingly fast that morning & 

b) he didn’t want to chat with me in the car until work started at 9! 🙄

So his boss generously rewarded him with $20 extra dollars!

I almost pulled the car over in the parking lot & made him give it back…because

That was too easy for him.

He has to learn how to EARN.

Does he DESERVE that?!

What kind of LESSON is this teaching him?!

^^^The racing thoughts of someone with Money Junk. 😩

SOMEHOW, before I opened my mouth, I realized what was going on up in my head. 

And in a rare moment of NOT processing my thoughts verbally, I instead said, “How FUN! That was so generous of Maureen!”

For a while, I’ve been aware of my story that Money Must Be EARNED the HARD WAY. 

I’m workin’ on it - evidenced by keeping my mouth shut! 

What if money & abundance & wealth were easy to receive? 

Money’s a part of our business fraught with stories, garbage, & junk - and our relationship with it keeps us

Overworking & overdoing


Not hiring the support we need

Avoiding content & marketing

Sabotaging sales calls 

When we handle our relationship with it, we can love our business MORE.

How do we “handle” this relationship? 

Have you ever heard of a financial behaviorist?

Me neither! But I met Jacquette Timmons, who IS one & helps people understand 


We explored how to overcome negative feelings about sales, pricing, & money...

Jacquette says, “Your relationship with money is one of the longest relationships that you will have in your life.”

How’s YOUR relationship with money?

Mine, for most of my life, was shitty. I feared money, ignored it, blamed it. 

I didn’t deserve a relationship with it…I won’t get into where this came from or what it did to my bank account (short short story: it sucked!) - 

But exploring the ideas Jacquette shares in our conversation help me move past the mental junk, lack mentality, and fear-based behaviors.

I love her inclusive, non-dogmatic approach - basically, there is no one linear way for you to have a “right” relationship with money.

Listen, watch, or read our conversation!

WHAT IF your relationship with money COULD BE EASY? Better? Different?

How are YOU making money decisions? Do you have junk taking up rental space inside your brain?

If so, welcome to the club - and DO THE WORK to start de-cluttering it. 

I replay that moment in the car when Jack & his big smile announced he’d gotten $20 for showing up 15 minutes early - 

I fear he’ll be a lazy asshole…or won’t know how to work hard…

Ugggg - all my junk - not his! 

What if he had an easeful, abundant relationship with money?

Jack deserves that. I deserve that. 

YOU deserve that!

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