Dissolve The Thoughts That Are Holding You Back with Patti Lustig

entrepreneur interview Feb 21, 2021

No matter how much I try - I JUST CAN NOT MOVE FORWARD.

“I hate my job but can’t bring myself to quit…”

“I want more clients but don’t feel worthy of my pricing…”

OR - taking the STEPS TO BE VISIBLE in your business feels IMPOSSIBLE.

Ringing true? 

(A little too true?) 🧡 

You’ve gotta meet Patti Lustig - healer, practitioner, coach, with SO MUCH experience helping people have more EASE in their lives.

Today we’ll show you a modality to help you dissolve thoughts that are holding you back - 

And it’s called PSYCH-K

It has impacted MY life - and hundreds of others of Patti’s clients - 

You’ll learn how your subconscious is keeping you away from your goals.

And how to find RELIEF & EASE in your life by learning how to let go of old belief structures.

Patti is one of the most fascinating coaches with the experience & chops to help you


Start living the life you want RIGHT NOW!

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Full Transcript: 

Jen: Hello and welcome to today's podcast interview. I am interviewing a friend, a client, actually. I work with her on the thing I'm going to share with you today and that's why I'm bringing her on. Patti Lustig.

Patti is a healer and a practitioner and a coach and she has so much experience in helping people have more ease in their lives and frankly, the way that she does it is so easeful herself and it has created just breathing room in my own life. So I wanted to bring her on today to share with you this healing modality that she is an expert in called PYSCH-K 

But I'm not going to you about it going to let Patty tell you about it. So, thank you for being here to help us talk about making things more easeful in our lives.

Patti: You are welcome.Thank you for inviting me. 

Jen: You know, I love talking to you. Whenever Patti and I talk, we can talk for a long time. 

Patti, can you talk first of all about your business and who you serve?

Patti: Absolutely. I tend mostly to serve women who are about 50 or older. Although it's not exclusive to that, that's the sort of women that I attract. I'm personally 68 years old. So I've been through a lot of the things that people go through from their forties on. L0ike divorce, illness, recovery. 

Jen: Menopause. 

Patti: Menopause! Recovering from past traumas. Dealing with weight issues. All those kinds of things. Raising a child of divorce. I've been through so many things is easy for me to relate to and also provide some of my own resources, information, or experience to people. So that's the woman I work with and usually, it's a woman who is quite successful in her life.

Many women I've worked with have PhDs. They're highly successful in their lives. Yet they have perhaps some underlying trauma that is still influencing on them. And through this process called PSYCH-K I'm often able to have them release that trauma in a way they've never experienced before.

Jen: So they've been successful in spite of this old thing that's holding them back and I'm just curious do you think that at the age of 40 or 50 people kind of just get sick of their own bullshit? And they're just like I ready to release this! Do you think, that's like, why people are drawn to you at that age? 

Patti: I'd say that's a piece of it.  Especially the older that you get you're sick of dealing with this over and over. I think in your forties, you might be going through something and you just don't know how to move through it quickly or easily or effectively. Maybe you think you're going to stuck, even though you've say gotten a divorce but now you're still raising children. You have to deal with the jerk you divorce and it can be very, difficult, very stressful. And then anything you have from your past that can come in as well. I remember periods of my life that felt like hell to me.

Jen: Yeah, like you have this parachute on your back or this backpack that's filled with rocks and it's just like making you sludge through life.

Patti: Yeah.

Jen: That's why I wanted to have you on because I love to use my platform for people who are struggling and want to make things just a bit easier, even a smidge easier. So that's really why I wanted you to talk and I always refer to you as my healer. Do you think of yourself as a healer?

Patti: I think what I do does help people heal. I've never really thought of myself as a healer.  However, I see people healing with the work that I with them and often people come to me having done hundreds, I don't know about hundreds, but many other things to attempt to deal with this issue or that issue and yet it's still impacting them in a negative way. And then for whatever reason, we do our work together and they would say things have lifted off of them.

Jen: Yeah it's like like bum. I like breathe a sigh when we're done with our session. So let's get into talking about what PSYCH-K is. Can you give us the layman's overview of it?

Patti: Yeah, it's basically based on consciousness. So everyone knows we have a conscious mind that's what you and I dealing with right now. Then I most people understand that we have a subconscious mind and the subconscious mind stores things like we don't have to about how to breathe. That's just in our subconscious it's just happening. There's many, other things. You learn to drive a car, you don't need to relearn it. That just lives in your subconscious.

Scientifically they say that the first seven years of a child's life mostly they're simply recording into the subconscious mind, all kinds of things that are helpful and useful to them. The problem is they're also recording all of the culture around them, the belief structures around them. Things happen to them that are negative and they make decisions about themselves, which become beliefs "I'm not worthy. I'm not lovable." Then they forget that all that is there.

We go on with our adult life and we find that in certain areas of our lives we can't move forward and no matter what we do. Maybe it's on the surface. "I want to lose weight." But the person can never take the weight off and keep it off. Maybe it's "I want a relationship." Just never happens for that person or they're always picking the wrong person.

Many things like that. Those areas where we're consciously saying I want this but it doesn't happen. What we say is there's a limiting belief on the subconscious level. I don't know why I of it as the conscious, subconscious. It isn't really accurate, but just sort of how it feels to me.

And in PSYCH-K what we're doing is something called balancing. In other words, if a person says "I'm worthy." But we have a way of testing whether that's actually feeling true for them if it's not feeling true for them. That just means on the subconscious level "No, you're not."

Jen: You don't believe it. Your brain kind of flicks it away. 

Patti: Exactly. So we have a number of probably 15 different things called balances. Quick, easy ways that you might sit. Cross your body. Words that you might say. We do these balances. We come back and test that statement again.

And if it's testing as a yes now, what that means is resistance to the goal being fulfilled has fallen away. It sounds really simple,. It sounds like "What? How does that work?"  

And to tell you the truth, I thought that myself. Why does this work?  All I know is the proof is in the pudding and as a facilitator, I don't promise you any specific result. I do promise you that there will be alignment.

The other thing we're working with is the whole-brain function. So our brain has two halve. Right brain, left brain. If they're out of sync, then it will be  hard to move forward. So it might be "I want to lose weight. Oh I'm scared to lose weight." We don't even think those things. One side is "I want to! I want to!" "I don't want to. I don't want to. "

"If I lose weight everything will be great. If I lose weight men will come on to me." 

There's so many things that can affect...

Jen: Subsonciously. 

Patti:  Yeah, and then we beat ourselves for that, which is crazy. And what's great about PSYCH-K is you can really release that it's all your fault.

Jen: Right. 

Patti:  It's not at all your fault.

Jen: Well, especially if your women are super high functioning and very successful and there's this one area of their life that they can't find success for whatever subconscious reason they're completely unaware of it. That is incredibly frustrating for them. So I see myself as I'm a starter. I'm an action taker. I'm highly functioning. And so when there are parts of my life that I can't move through on my own, no matter how much therapy I've done, no matter other modalities I've tried like... I have not been able to move forward. Working with you has completely shifted the ease that I around things. I used to wake up every single morning and think how much I hated my body. I've done a lot of therapy. I've done a lot of different work, but the modality of PSYCH-K... I literally don't think that anymore.

I go into my closet. I put on my size 14 pants. I never think about I wish I was a 10 again.Because you know, when I was a size 10, I was wishing I was a size 8 and a size 6. I have so much freedom now, and I know that I've done a lot of work to get here. But the release that PSYCH-K brought me beyond, where I got to with my therapist and my food and body love coach, there's no price that i could put on that. The release that it feels to wake up every day and not even question that anymore. 

So amazing. 

Patti: So happy! So happy. 

Jen: We have to celebrate, right? 

So, let's talk about some of the outcomes you've seen with your people because I know a lot of people think like "Oh I don't need healing cause I didn't have trauma in my life." But I've heard you tell stories of things that were not traumatic that were holding people back. 

Patti: Yes. Well, let me just tell you from myself first. 

Jen: Yes. 

Patti: I don't feel like I had any major trauma in my childhood. I mean, the things I learn about people now just break my heart. And I don't even know how they turned out as good as they did! 

Jen: I know! 

Patti: Oh my God. 

Jen: It's heartbreaking.

Patti: And I'm so honored to be able to support these people. And when I turned 60, I started to have, well you know, everyone knows about the little voice in your head. Just nagging. 

Jen: Oh, the shitty committee? 

Patti: Whatever we call it! From the age of 60 until I found PSYCH-K a couple years ago, I just had this loud, nasty would-a-should-a-could-a conversation. I'd watch people on TV and I'd go "I could have been Oprah. I should have been her!" You know? 

Then going like, "Well you're so old, there's no way. You couldn't do that." And it was one thing after the other. "If you'd only done that then this would be different. And if you'd done that then maybe this wouldn't be happening." Blah, blah, blah. 

So, I was being on top of it. It wasn't stopping me. It wasn't keeping me in bed. But it wasn't making anything very fun. 

Jen: Right, or easy. 

Patti: Then with PSYCH-K I was able to release that. It's never here anymore. It never comes back. It's not repeating. I don't have that, in fact, I wonder at how present I am in my life now. And my age means nothing to me. Like it's just a number, and I'm gonna keep creating whatever I'm creating. You know? 

And I'm just so present in my life it's amazing. 

Jen: Like it dissolves. There's literally nothign easier than just something that's been yammering at you for your whole life, to just dissolve away. And I love your point about the presence and how much more open you can be in your life right now, because I do think about sometimes how much time and energy I wasted thinking, like, specifically it's been my weight that's been dogging me my whole life. And how much time and energy I wasted on that. And what I could have done if I had put that time and energy towards something else. But I don't need to think about it anymore. It's like it is what it is and it's gone. 

Patti: So great. So great. 

Jen: can you tell us a story about someone who has like, a little thing that you were just...the apple lady I think is a great one. 

Patti: I was going to tell you about the apple lady. 

Jen: I love that. I love this one. 

Patti: This woman came to me, she was about 54 years old. Both of her parents died in their 50's when she was in her early 20's. So she was especially worried about her health given that she was that age. What made her really worried is that she only eats junk food. Literally. She eats coffee cake and soda for breakfast, for lunch. Ritz crackers for dinner. I'm surprised she's even healthy. 

Well, we kind of went digging back to the past. Where do you think this started? And she figured out this time when her mother came late to pick her up from daycare, and the woman forced her to eat an entire tomato. I don't know if it was big or small but it was traumatic in that sense for a little girl. And I guess her mother came in and was sort of gloating about it. Her mother was nasty. Wasn't a nice mom. 

And at that moment she declared, I don't know if she said it out loud or to herself, that she would never eat another fruit or vegetable in her life. 

So, we did a particular balance related to that type of thing and she went off for a couple of weeks. Came back to the session and she said " You're not gonna believe what happened." 

Oh, I forgot to tell you, that whenever she was just around a fruit or a vegetable her hands would sweat. And her body would have anxiety. She goes, "I can hold an apple and not sweat and not have any anxiety. I can read a menu!" She used to read a menu and sweat. "I can read a menu and not sweat. And don't ask me why but I decided to give up soda and I don't even miss it." 

She was exstatic. Then we went on to, she said "I really need to get some clusre with my parents passing away when I was in my early 20's. And my experience in my extended family is they don't pay any attention to me. Like, I'm invisible. They're not interested in me. They don't talk to me." And she was going to a funeral that weekend. So we did some, what we call relationship balances, to get some closure with her parents. She went to the funeral. She sends me a message on Monday. "I Couldn't wait to tell you. The funeral was amazing!" 

Jen: That's a start. 

Patti: She said, "Everyone included me in every conversation. I've never had this experience before. I don't know how this works but I don't care." 

Jen: Yes! 

Patti: The next session, I don't think we've even talked about this, she comes back... I lost my train of thought. And she says "Here what I need to work on. My whole life men have felt like they can cross a line with me." And not like they raped her. Not that level. But they do things that are unacceptable. 

Jen: Like disrespectful? 

Patti: Disrespectful. They show her pictures they shouldn't show her. They whisper things in her ear that they shouldn't. And she happens to work a food truck now which is by a construction zone so she would find these men that do these things. So, we did our work around that and I said, "Let's just see what happens. Again, can't guarantee what's going to happen when." Then on Monday, she sends me this message, "I can't believe it. The one man who always crosses the line, who's just the most obnoxious came by this week just to say hi." 

Jen: She didn't even have to say anything. She didn't even have to have a hard conversation with him. There was just something within her that shifted. 

Patti: Right. 

Jen: That's amazing. The stories that you tell about PSYCH-K, the results that you get are incredible and I know how crazy it can sound to people. And you know, but I feel like I've done enough work on understanding how powerful the subconscious is that I was really open to this and I feel like people have to be open for this to potentially work for them. Is that a prerequisite for you? 

Patti: I mean, it's certainly very helpful. However, one woman was referred to me. I would not call her open. Not that she was super closed, okay? But I wouldn't call her open. 

Jen: Okay. 

Patti:  She came because her brother's wife referred her to me. And after we did our first session she was deciding if she would buy a package or not. We kind of looked at how risk averse she was. We looked at what she'd like to get in her life, and she hated the jo she was on and she'd like to have a better job but she was scared to leave. I just said, "Well, would buying a PSYCH-K package be a risk for you?"

She said, "Yes."

And I said, "Well, maybe that's your first step to being less risk averse. Are you interested?" 

So, she bought a package. As we're going along in her case, I was like, "I don't know if this is making a difference or not." 

Well, then for whatever reason we have a longer break than we should have. Things came up in her life. When we got back together, like maybe a month later, she had all this stuff to share. "I quit my job. My friend is opening this. She's hriing me." 

It was like all this stuff was happening that she wanted to have happen! 

Jen: Amazing. 

Patti: I had one guy, he wanted, again, he wanted to lose weight and we did eight sessions. This is the other cool thing, I like things to happen very organically. So people who want to lose weight it's not about "Okay, well you have to do this and you have to do that. " No, I want it to be that something opens up where you're drawn to something and it becomes an organic, natural thing, that you want to do. 

So, we're going along for our eight sessions, working in different areas of his life and he was very drawn to becoming vegan and luckily his partner was a cook. So, he started eating vegan. Mainly he was working on not eating from 12 to 3 in the morning. But, there was no, like "Okay you have to do this. You have to stop." 

About six weeks in he goes " I put these shorts on this morning." he wasn't weighing himself, "and they were so loose they were falling off. And I weighed myself and I lost 15 pounds!" Since then he's been drawn to this fat-flush program that I would never do, but he loves it! And now he has this goal to be under 200 pounds by the first of the year and he's now he's there.

Yeah, so most people, even if I'm not seeing an immediate change I'll see something later that was right in line with what we worked on. 

Jen: I love that. Well, there are a couple of things I want to say about that. Sometimes we'll have a session and I'll go away and I don't really think about it. That's the thing, there's no over efforting with PSYCH-K and then I'll come back two weeks later for our next session. You'll say "Well last time you worked on this. How did that show up for you?" 

And I'm like "Oh my GOD!" 

And then I see all of it. So, thank god you take notes! And then I really wanted to share you with people because you're such a gift. The work that you do is a gift. The easefulness is a gift because we are all doing way too much. You know, I'm a content creation specialist. What I do is doing so I'm always looking for areas in my life where I can do less and I just wanted to show... I don't think enough people know about this. And I really want to get it out there. And Patti gets people results. I hear her stories. I mean, I read her content all the time and I read these stories. And if you are looking for more ease but you're saying to yourself "Well, I didn't have a traumatic childhood," or "I didn't have trauma." It doesn't matter. There's something. Especially if you're a high performer, there's something that's probably dragging your ass around that I know Patti can help you with. 

Patti: Yes, like I've just done a session with a woman, I don't know when... 

Jen: Who knows we're living the same damn day. 

Patti: And literally the only area of her life that she doens't rate like a 10 is her relation to money. And so that's all we're working on is clearing her money blocks and literally can see the anxiety. What did I say? I said something about being extravegent. I though she would have a heart attack. She had money and she was frugal and she saves, but her relation to money gives her anzxiety all the time. And the thought of being extravegent in any way...like she has to buy discount. Like you can feel it. 

Jen: Yes. 

Patti: I mean, how fun would it be if she got completely free in that area? 

Jen: So much ease. So the other thing I want to say before we wrap up and we talk about how to connect with you,... 

You do this completely virutally. I know you used to do this in person, but then COVID hit and so I can personally vouch for this is very effective via ZOOM. 

Patti: Yes. 

Jen: And it's amazing. 

Patti: Yeah. I mean my clients are all over hte country. 

Jen: So how can people come into your world Patti? 

Patti:  They can go to my website. www.sagethink.com. They can email me at [email protected]

Jen: And I highly recommend getting into Patti's world and getting on her email list. She always has these great stories and you can just hear her kindness and the ease that's around her. So I highly recommend getting into her orbit. 

Patti: And I do offer my first session at no cost. So, you're not really risking anything. believe me, I'm not a high-pressure salesperson at all. 

Jen: No I can vouch for that. 

Patti: So, if you want to test it out and get a feel for yourself what it's about, there's a link to click in my email and on my website for a session. 

Jen: there's literally nothing to lose except maybe the garbage that's been holding you down. 

Patti: yep. 

Jen: I love it. Patti, thank you so much for carving out time for this conversation and letting me share you with the world. I appreciate it. 

Patti: You're so welcome. 

Jen: Bye everyone. I hope that you check out Patti and find some more ease in your life. That's what we're talking about all month. So go find yourself some ease.

Bye, everybody.

Patti: All right.

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