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Profits & Success Even When You Have A Smaller Audience

CCME Ep 236 Profits & Success Even When You Have A Smaller Audience

What if you don't have a M A S S I V E audience?

Is creating content a waste of time?

Do you need to keep building, building, building your audience before you can expect to make any money?


I know it seems like it's impossible to create big profits when you don't have big audience numbers.


Okay, then. How do we do it if we don't have huuuuuuuge numbers?

Stacey Brass Russell, business & life transformation coach, offers her point of view today.

Stacey comes to business with what I'll deem a *fascinating* background! 

How does a former Broadway actress, yoga teacher, NYC studio owner wind up with a thriving business?

She's gonna tell you. Then she's gonna tell you what happened after her first round of clients seemingly "dried up" and what she did about it.

You'll hear Stacey's insights on:

  • What to say that attracts the right-for-you clients.
  • How to create a business that thrives, even when you don't have big audience numbers.
  • Debunk myths around what kind of information you *actually* need to share in your content

Stacey has a methodical approach to 

  1. creating value that resonates
  2. establishing personal connections - BTW, so important in this online climate…
  3. adapting your business model & mindset - because what used to work might NOT be working for you OR your audience anymore.


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