She Learned How to Build a Business WHILE Building a Business w/ Gwen Crossett

Jan 05, 2019

Nurse-turned-entrepreneur Gwen Crossett learned how to build a business WHILE building a business. Think you can't do it? She says if she can, YOU can!

Meet Gwen Crossett

At the beginning of her career, Gwen started out pursuing becoming a Master’s level Social Worker, but still desired to become a Registered Nurse. While working at an Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital, she realized that becoming an R.N. was her calling rather than continuing down the social worker path. After taking a break to devote some time to being a mom to her kids, Gwen went back to school. She surpassed everyone’s expectation by completing her Registered Nurse Degree in two years!

The demands of a hospital setting began to eat into her time that she could spend at home, which caused her to go into home care settings instead. During this time, while the company itself treated her well for 13 years, she noticed that there was still a bit of her that wanted more. One thing you need to know about Gwen, is that once things get comfortable, she wants to change things up!

Gwen has the desire to start her own business. She sat down, made a plan, gave notice to her job, and opened her business on April 1, 2017. She didn’t know what she was doing, but she knew that she was going to do it.

Are You Uncomfortable?

During my interactions with Gwen, she’s been someone that has proven that if you tell her she can’t do something that she will do it to prove you wrong. She’s incredibly driven and always wants to try and make things better. This is was the biggest frustration that she felt while working in health care. Her business, Constant Care 24/7, allows her to help families find the solutions that they need for their family members.

Whenever we embark on something new there’s going to be an uncomfortable feeling that develops in our stomach. Even coming onto camera to do this interview caused Gwent o be nervous, but you grow when you put yourself in uncomfortable situations. If you don’t try something new, how to do you know if things could be better? If you could make your dream a reality?

Do You Feel Valued?

The major shift that Gwen had to implement into her life, was creating systems for her business, and asking for help! Her business grew so fast, that getting people around her to help her, was incredibly important. Without them, her business would not be running successfully.  Creating a support system in her business and in her personal life was important to get through the times that were a struggle. Is she still able to keep it professional without crossing boundaries? Absolutely! But she’s able to make effort towards creating an environment where her employees feel valued and respected, earning her their loyalty.

Check out my latest interview with Gwen Crossett to hear about Gwen's trials and accomplishments when going from being a nurse to an entrepreneur.

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