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Dec 22, 2018


It’s right before christmas, and I know you have a lot to take care of. I’ve seen a lot of posts from women, worry about all the details. Whether the gifts will get their in time, that their christmas cards aren’t done yet, that not everything is planned out. The list goes on and on. But I want to ask you one thing…

What is everything doesn’t go to plan?

What is the gifts got there late? The cards show up on January 20th? Are you killing yourself to make something happen? Are you killing yourself with perfection?

If you sent me a Christmas card, I would be so grateful. It doesn’t matter what day. I’m going to be excited and I doubt there’s anyone that would feel differently.

I’m telling you right now that if you’re trying to make Christmas perfect, the one person that you aren’t showing up for is yourself. Your kids and family just want you to be happy. You friends just want you to enjoy the time you spend with them on Christmas. If you’re killing yourself with all the tiny details, it’s easy to become discouraged with the whole thing.

How can you make the holidays more fun?

The easy answer is, show up for yourself. Take care of yourself! Remember to have fun. Sure, people might get disappointed that the gift you sent them doesn’t show up on time. But let’s be real. We can live through disappointment.

In survival terms, “you can’t keep someone warm if you aren’t.” If you’re burnt out, are you really going to enjoy your time and are people going to enjoy time with you? Probably not. You can jump through all the hoops in the world and people still might be disappointed. So, I’m challenging you this holiday season to take the pressure off of yourself! Just enjoy the time! The holidays, whatever you celebrate, are about connecting with those you love and showing gratitude. Not just for other people, but for yourself.

I want you to think about how you can make yourself happy. Until you are you’re not going to be present for all the amazing moments that happen around this holiday season. Be sure to watch the video if you’re feeling stressed out and just feel like hearing advice from a friend.

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