Stop Overloading Your Audience

Feb 28, 2021

“Have you poked around inside the membership site?”

In these onboarding calls with every new Content Creator’s Studio member, I’m connecting personally to ensure she doesn’t get lost.

(Memberships are notorious for overwhelm & confusion! They can be a labyrinth of trainings, information, recordings, PDFs, etc. etc. etc.)

Almost everyone I spoke to gave a version of Ugggg, I haven’t gotten back there! 🙈I did your first training & now I’m focused on THAT for right now.

How’d that make me feel? 

Thrilled! I was beaming because it’s the…


First - I got to honor them for not trying to do ALL THE THINGS! To model that it’s ok to baby-step it.

Next - if you’ve ever put a program, course, workshop, training, or membership together…

You probably had a BOATLOAD of information to share because your audience has SO MUCH TO LEARN about the thing you’re an expert in.

Maybe you threw everything from the spice rack into the recipe, thinking, “Give ‘em more! More is BETTER!”

Maybe you killed yourself, cramming it all in. And maybe you fire-hosed your audience.

But I maintain: MORE IS NOT BETTER. MORE is simply MORE>

My new members said the same: they don’t need MORE. 

They said they watched the monthly bite-sized training, dived in, & took action.

One had done additional QuickStart trainings because she had the capacity. 

In 15 minutes, each got clarity on her next step!

We think we make life easier for others when we do MORE, give MORE, offer MORE…

Lemme show you how that REALLY works:

Imagine you got your act together to hire a photographer for a family photo shoot.

Why not capture the lunacy of 2021 in high-quality professional photos?! 🤪

You’ve had to think about…

  • Which of the M.A.N.Y. talented photographers out there to hire…
  • What outfits you’ll ALL wear…(Matchy-matchy? Tastefully Instagram-worthy coordinating? Full on bat-shit crazy with everyone wearing whatever they want?!)
  • Which venue is safe, beautiful, & also February-weather-proof?

Getting this far is merely the tip of the decision-making iceberg! 

Now: maaaaaaaybe your kids were a pain in the ass at the shoot - (Cranky toddler? Sulky teenager?)

Imagine (especially now, a year into COVID) - how exhausting SIMPLY THIS would be, right?

Ok - THEN:

That amazing photographer took hundreds of photos - and after editing & culling them down, has given you 367 photos to look through.

DO YOU HAVE TIME & ENERGY TO LOOK THROUGH 367 PHOTOS, deciding which to buy, print, publish on Instagram, or have framed?

Remember: the photos have been curated & edited, so they all look good. HOW DO YOU DECIDE?

That photographer has NOT made your life easier by giving you all the things.

All month I’ve been asking you how you can make YOUR LIFE EASIER.

AND, how can we also make our audience’s, clients’ & customers’ lives easier?

Permission granted to…

  • STOP 🛑  re-creating the wheel. 
  • Repurpose your content. Give it a fluff & keep it relevant, but don’t over-generate.

Believe me - your audience hasn’t seen everything you’ve created anyway. 

Even if they did, I’m 100% sure they need the reminder of the gem you’re about to drop!

Let me make something ELSE easy for you:  I’m closing entry to the Content Creator’s Studio at the $37/month Founders Price on March 21st


After that, I’m taking time to focus on serving the Founders already inside, tweaking what works - and what doesn’t…

Fluffing it up before I offer it again
…which will absolutely be at a higher price point. (Cuz, honestly, it’s good stuff.)

  • Curious how to make content creation EASIER?
  • Want to work with me but unable to invest at a higher price? (PS: I’m full up anyway through mid-April). 

THIS IS THE TIME TO JOIN US! Grab your $37/month Founder Membership

You’ll get a 15-minute 1:1 onboarding call with me…

And 4 chances for LIVE support each month:

  • 3/3: Bite-Sized Training: Curate Your Exact-Right Audience: 4 ways to magnetize the right people & repel energy suckers.
  • 3/10: Planning Party - 60 distraction-free minutes to get your content done! Cross some shit off your list…
  • 3/17: Special Guest Star - Intentional Instagram Growth Training with expert Ellyse Colson
  • 3/24: LIVE Q&A (plus real-time edits of social posts) - Ask me anything…

I still don’t have a fancy sales page (I’m doing it my way - something I’ll help YOU do next month!) so go here for the basics.

Questions? Email me & I’ll get back to you.

Don’t worry- you’ll never be behind. There’s nothing to catch up on. Start anytime. Cancel if it’s not serving you. Jump in wherever you are!

Grab your founders spot here. I’d love to meet inside the Studio!


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