Testimonials Aren't Doing Their Job

Uncategorized May 16, 2021

Big question: What’s wrong with this testimonial?

“Carin’s incredible to work with. She changed my life. I can’t say enough about her!”

This kind of rah-rah review from a client might warm your heart - 

But they FAIL to explain to your audience HOW you changed her life…

HOW did you help, exactly?

Inquiring minds want to know!!

If you’ve been sharing these kinds of reviews - it’s ok! We can remedy that tout suite.

And if you haven’t taken any time to ask for reviews…wellllllll - 

Let’s chat.

First - asking for reviews doesn’t have to be weird. Or awkward.  It’s not pushy or rude to ask!

In today’s marketplace, e’rryone knows that testimonials & reviews make the world go ‘round.

I mean - would you hire anyone without some kind of social proof?

A babysitter? HELL NO.

How about the guy who fixes garage doors? Not until you show me some proof!

JEEZ - how about that new set of cutlery you just ordered? 

Hardly a life changing decision, but you still pored over the Amazon reviews, didn’t you?

So - let go of the bullshit story that ‘it’s yucky to ask for reviews.’ 

You’ve been asked for them. You’ve given them. It’s the way of the world today.

  1. You might worry that since people haven’t GIVEN you reviews…they don’t have anything nice to say.


Weird fact: people will get online to bitch & moan & complain about the dust bunnies in the corner of their hotel room…

But they will NOT take the time to get online and say NICE things about what they loved about that beautiful resort.

People are so people-y, aren’t they?

Yep - so the ONLY reason they haven’t left a lovely message on your Google business page is that 

It’s hard to say something nice!

Whether you’ve got too many “rah-rah” testimonials or none at all - here’s the cure: take people by the hand & make it easy for them!

When you get a little love note, email, or compliment about your work, it makes you feel like you’re on track, IN your PURPOSE - 

that it’s all worthwhile…

Let me show you HOW to get reviews that help potential customers want to work with you.

This is a mini-training I provided inside my Content Creators Studio membership program - 

But I think effective testimonials are so important that I’m gifting you the step-by-step guide here

It’s called “Get the Right Reviews: Make it easy for your audience to convert to customers” 

When you download the PDF guide, you’ll also get access to 

  1. video training,
  2. a review tracker
  3. a tutorial on how to turn reviews into marketing content!

Access the PDF! Or click here for an audio version if you’d rather listen & learn...

Stay to the end where I give you lots of exact options you can use to make this your own. 

Xo, Jen


TL; DR: Make time for testimonials because your audience today is SAVVY & needs clear social proof to help them know YOU are the right person to help them!

Grab at www.jenliddy.com/testimonials for the PDF guide - and you’ll also get access to the video version too.

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